rubberbandEver feel like you were a rubber band… being stretch and pulled in every direction by life.  Rest assured that in the midst of the uncomfortable-ness that these seasons can produce; good things are happening too. It may highlight to you, areas in your thinking, emotions or attitudes that isn’t quite were you want it to be.  I know it doesn’t sound like a positive, but it is.  Any chance for growth is always a good thing.  But the most remarkable thing that you may discover in the stretching, could that you don’t break, you may actually thrive in a bizarre way. Maybe the stretching in you this week won’t highlight what’s wrong, but what’s right with your life.

Reminds me of a little song …. ‘always look on the bright side of life’ (insert whistle here)

Well for the first time ever… its short and hopefully sweet… I hope that this week reveals to you a strength and stamina you never knew existed. Until next week this        little rubber band chic is back to work xx




…so what’s your capacity?


What do you do when you feel like your vision is greater than your capacity? This is the precise question that has been banging around in my head over the last week. In fact it’s a question that I’ve asked in different forms before and never quite been able to answer.

You see, I believe that God loves us so much that He has an amazing plan for mine, yours, all of our lives.  We have skills, talents and gifts that can be used to activate and achieve amazing things.  But, what do we do when the vision we have for our live, whether in part or as a hole or even just a special project pulls us into a place where the vision is greater that the capacity we have in time, skill, head-space and knowledge… Not to even mention our hearts capacity to hold some things that threatens to expand our hearts to a point where it seems they will burst open with compassion and empathy that cannot be contained.

Well I’ve trialled a few ‘not to do’s’ and a few ‘it may help’ do’s…. but I’m hungry for the TO-DO!

I’ve tired working harder and then a little bit more, and that didn’t work.

I tried pretending that I didn’t care that I couldn’t reach the vision that was lying within my hearts goals.  It backfired, I cared! And then was upset that people couldn’t see that I really did care, but was out of my depth.

What about quitting – ever try that… never seems to really work… vision has a way of grabbing you.. like extra weight does in the winter.  It’s here to stay 🙂 

How about complaining, moaning, groaning, whinging or being bitter that the vision is unobtainable? Has that worked for you… no, me either.

I’ve tired reading more, doing more study, asking for help….. all great, but not the complete answer.

On Sunday while chatting with someone about this very question I had an ohhhh……yeah….. never thought of that…… durrr moment of clarity.  This is the chain of thought…. If vision come from God (which I know it can… because there things in my life I want to see happen that seem left field, but yet deeply resonate as part of who I am… confused? – I hope your tracking with me), and He plants these pictures in my heart and mind of what the overflow of our relationship can look like, then isn’t is fair to say that I don’t have to make them happen, I just need to co-labor with him.  It’s not actually my job to run around like a mad woman (tired it – scary!!!!) working it out on my own.  God has invited me to do life with Him and as such anything He places in my heart to Do – He wants to do with me.

I’m not saying that our capacity cannot be expanded, cause I know it can, is and will continue to be. What I’m saying is that God does not place the unbearable burden of vision upon the shoulders of those He loves. God does not walk behind you as a slave driver… wiping you and yelling ‘MORE, More’.

These plans, purposes and destiny He has for your life, we He wants to walk that into reality with you.. Desiring to walk side by side with you as if a friend! So for now, let’s walk on, not worried about the vision or the capacity for that matter; rather focused on the one thing that really matters. The amazing opportunity we have to have a relationship with God.

Until next week… happy pondering peeps!

Image: CC:Flickr, OVERFLOW; Bengrey



Life is on fast forward, or is that just me? It seems that days come and go, hours are stolen and before you’ve had a change to realize it; the year is over half done.  And again you’re left pondering the question – does my life look like I thought it would?  I know for me it’s a resounding ‘no’ in many ways, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In some ways the journey had not included things I’m sure it would have, but in other ways I’ve had opportunities I never dreamt I would.  So this leaves me wondering am I asking the wrong question. I believe I am, but what is the question I should instead be asking.

Well I’m not sure, but lets try this one….

I think the question we could be asking ourselves is ‘are you joyful in life?’  I mean, there are always going to be times that are sad, difficult or miserable, but if there is NEVER a glimmer of joy, I’m the type of person who throws my hands in the air and goes ‘why bother!’  In fact that is a question I’ve asked myself on numerous occasions.  I’m not really satisfied with never having anything to laugh, sing or smile about.  I’ve had season in life where the prevailing outworking on my thoughts have been glares, snares, tears and frown.  And I HATE IT! I really do, and then I have to pull myself back together, pick myself up out of the mud and get a little bit of perspective on the matter.  This is what I learnt.  Life can be miserable, but I don’t have to be.  Life can be full of pain, but I don’t have to be miserable about it.  I clearly remember the day when I decided I can be in pain (this was early in the recovery process from a workplace back injury) and miserable or in pain and joyful – I choose JOY!  It was tough to begin with, I still have days where it’s difficult to choice to be OK, when life presents challenge and then more challenges.

When choosing joy, there was this added bonus of peace… It was like a buy one get one free deal, or a set of free steak knives.

Even with the questions that remain unanswered at present, I’ve discovered there can be a peace in amougst the uncertainty.  I don’t know how to explain it – all I know is that His name is Jesus and somehow – He makes it all OK, even when I have every reason to believe its not.



*sings* Freedom… Freedom…Freedom… you’ve  got give, for what you take… Freedom (I hope you’re singing too) Freedom… Freedom……. As I sat down to start writing this is the music playing in my mind.  Confessions – I could only remember that line and I had to Google the lyrics to discover who sang it … George Michael… seems I’m a product of the 80’s or is it the 90’s, back to Google.

Anyway, over the weekend I was writing on the topic of Freedom, pressed ‘save’ and lost my blog. Annoying, I know!  So, I’ll try again… its already vastly different…you see I’m singing 🙂

Sometimes we classify freedom as being able to do what we want, when we want and how we want to, but I’m not sure that this is truly freedom – its sounds a little more like selfishness to me. I’m thinking that freedom is to be untethered to the negative effects of the past, not denying that struggles and trials where part of it; but instead to be able to stand aside from the oppressive emotions and walk with a little joy.  I’m coming at this from the perspective of someone who for a very long time allowed rejection, fear, unworthiness and loads of other stuff grasp and strangler her heart. I’m not saying it’s an easy journey to look the past in the face and square off against these things.  I’m saying it’s possible and I’m my experience, freeing…

Yesterday, I had the privilege of sharing part of my story with how I came to overcome rejection and in four days’ time I’m sharing on my freedom for fear.  You see I’m smack bang in the middle of a story telling season. It’s a time where I’m sharing the great freedom that God has brought into my life as I’ve been prepared to say ‘no longer’ and get real about some toxic thought I’d been carrying in my heart. The great news is that freedom is available to everyone.  Weather you believe in God or not, He loves you and longs to see great things and abundant freedom be evident in your life today!

In John 10:10 it says ‘The thief does not come except to steal, kill and to destroy but I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly’.  Who has come – well that’s Jesus.  He didn’t come just to sit back, shake his head and say.. Tut, tut, tut.  He came to make a way for us to be in relationship with God. I know it’s not the normal way that church goers talk about God.  You may have only ever heard of the do’s and don’ts of God.  But, I have this amazing relationship with Jesus. And no matter where I am in the world, He’s there.  No matter the struggle and trials I face – He’s there with some wisdom and dare I say it correction when I need it. Relationship is about time spent together, if I like someone I want to spend more time getting to know them and sharing life with them.  I have experienced firsthand what this can be like with God.

Life abundant, I’m not thinking that in this I will never face another trial, never be short of money or that I can skip through the hills with my life magically being OK.  No, life abundant to me means that even thought I will face seasons where I may be sick or short of cash or lonely that my heart is not intoxicated with sorrow, grief and despair but rather hope.  Hope and a sure knowledge that no matter what any given day may bring, that along with it, comes Jesus to sustain me through any circumstance I may face.

So much more I could chat with you about, but for now i’m to busy singing..*sings* song of freedom is on my lips today… today….yeah, I sing about the one I love today, today.. yeah……

Image: Flickr: DazzieD