ImageTactical patience is the way I heard it described the other while at the movies.  It make me smirk a little.  Here is this guy being told ‘the president wants this and we want that’ from the people at home.  However, he calmly stated the situation is volatile and we are going to have to employ tactical patience.  I’m not sure if that’s just a nice way of saying back off and let me do my job or not.

But, what if we used patience in our arsenal of weapons.  What would happen if we looked at a situation and actively chose to be patience?  Not the grinding our teeth, grin and bear it kind of patience, but an actual I’m at peace in my heart in amidst the turmoil of life kind-a-patience’s.

Even as I type it I realize it sounds way simpler than it is to live.  Currently, I’m awaiting a phone interview and they are 15 minutes late, let me tell you I’m struggling to stay at peace.  I actually want the phone to ring so I can demand an answer as to why they have kept me waiting. At the moment a sense of entitlement is colliding head on with a notion that patience or long suffering is a better option.

Patience …..It’s just a little something I’ve been pondering.  Is not a new to me, however, I find myself again looking at life and thinking why are you all stressed out about what has not happened yet.  Why do you let it get to you? The only answer I have to that question is that I have unknowingly chosen to view my life from a ‘microwave perspective’ instead of a ‘slow cooker’.  All I know in the cooking world, is that you can’t rush great flavors.  So again, I have to reconcile that you can’t rush great character (something I’m aspiring to, but have not by any stretch obtained yet).  So I guess I’m left here at my keyboard going you’ve got a choice to make girl ‘settle in to the peace of God and find comfort’ or ‘ get stressed out’.  I think I’m gunna have to actively (day by day, moment by moment)  choose to trust God, cause even though from the outside looking in, something’s it may seem like He’s let me down – I know in my heart of hearts he never did. He has never left me, and he’ll never leave you.

Today I wish you all the patience and peace in the world, knowing that He’ll (Jesus) never leave you or forsake you.  Topple into Him today because in Him you’ll find the source of everything you actually NEED for life.