absentAbsent, that’s what I’ve been…. Almost six months have flown past and I’ve not created the space to chat with you.  Life can so easily get busy and we can forget what is truly important to us.  For me the last months have been study, study, study, with a side serve of work and ministry on top. In the busy – I’ve lost the perspective of stopping to smell the roses, so to speak. I mean how do seven days fly by and feel like only hours? Because you’re busy – doing, not living.  Guilty as charged!!

I’ve adopted the phrase- it’s just a season of ‘no’s’, but truth be told its a season of blur. Stop the world, I want to get off! I miss having coffee and a chat with friends at a leisurely pace, or dream building how to change the world. Writing a list of places to visit, or going for a drive to the Yarra Valley and just breathing in the relaxing beauty that awaits.

Here’s my advice, if is just a season of busy, make sure it’s got a time limit (mine does- only three more weeks of crazy). Why? Because days, months and years can slip by while you’re in a ‘busy coma‘.  I’d hate to hear that you woke up later and didn’t know who anyone was anymore. Life is for living, laughing, loving and enjoying. Sure at times we need to work hard,  but as my friend says ‘work hard, play hard’. Remember, you have a fabulous destiny, I believe Jesus wants to walk with you into it, not see you strive to accomplish it by yourself.

Happy pondering

I’ll try taking my own advice, hope to be back next week 🙂

Photo: cc.flickr,egansnow:official absent voter