Are you mad at me?


are-you-mad-at-meIt’s ok to be sad, or even mad; it’s what we do with it that really counts. These emotions, if we learn how to investigate them, show us the story we are telling ourselves, our beliefs system.  When driving in the car this morning and chatting to God about being sick of waiting on a particular situation, I was like don’t scwhinge  ER (a word my brother use for my niece when she was whinging and squirming as a two year old).  So I was endeavouring not to scwhinge at God, but have a conversation.  It involved a ‘why’ question, huh I thought I was crossing over to scwhinge land, but then I heard Him as me this question about the situation.  Are you mad at me? To which I replied – no, I’m sad at you.

Yeah, I’m sad at God about it, not because I don’t see His hand in the circumstance, not because I don’t trust He is going to work it all out and not because I don’t trust him.  I’m sad at Him- because He can take it.  In fact, He wants to.  He wants to lift the sadness off, so I don’t have to carry it or feel it.  That’s pretty amazing really!

He’s more concerned with what’s missing in my world that’s making me sad, than being concerned about me feeling something. He’s not offended by my emotions.  Yes, He’s wanting me to handle them right. On the other hand He’s concerned with the why – the motive – the underlying belief which lead me (and you in that situation which keep crossing your mind as you read this  ) to that thought, action or voiced opinion.

So where did I leave the conversation in the car? I left it in amazement that I’m not angry but sad and that’s OK.  I left it with God having His arms outstretched to me and wanting me to draw near and be comforted.  I left it with the understanding that I know it’s not over and I know He’s working.  A John Piper quote I love, says ‘God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them’.  You know what even if He’s only doing three, I’m cool with that, cause those three will be the most important three, cause He’s is good – always!

Happy Ponderings


3 thoughts on “Are you mad at me?

  1. Love this post. Because the truth is that when we walk with God, we will inevitably be sad at Him…and mad. Look at the Psalms! The Psalmist pretty much scwhinged his way through most of it. I think God walks us through our valleys of darkness (also called Valley of Waiting…) to ask us to turn to Him and lean on Him more and more.


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