Tracking with?


Life – who do you do it with and who is the loudest voice in your world? Who’s the one that can move you to new ways of thinking or living. Who can change your mind on things big and small? For me – I track with God!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
he’s the one who will keep you on track.
Don’t assume that you know it all. (Message Translation)

Perfect! Here we are at the end of another year. And for me, another decade, as I’m fast approaching another ‘zero’ birthday (arghhhh). And here’s what I learn and relearn every year (and every day really). Without God in my life daily, I’d be totally lost (I mean more than when i use google maps). Some things, I just can’t figure out, and assuming that that I can or should by myself can be a massive tripping hazard. There’s poverty, crime, entitlement, road rage, the mannequin challenge, homelessness, food insecurity; all floating around in my head (you can tell I’ve been working on the God and Me Worldview series again this week, by the list of topics)and so much more in this power packed brain as well 🙂

Often there so much that we don’t understand about what’s going on around us – but I have this reassurance that this verse is true. In a more traditional wording parts of this verse read, ‘lean not on your own understanding …. He will direct your paths’. He loves us like that, to direct us to the better things of life. Even when we’ve gone to wander off on our own, to follow what seems good – He has had a way of bringing us back from the wandering track, to His track, when we ask Him into a conversation and listen for His voice, His answer. And whilst we don’t always understand the what, when, how or why – we do know that, the ‘Who’, is steadfast, upright and secure in all that He does. So that who we get to lean into when we don’t get it all and that is trust! And that is who I choose to track with. What about you?

Happy Ponderings x


the best, the beautiful

fairyHow easy it is to become side-tracked from the best and beautiful things of life.  And for this reason we are encouraged to actively fill our minds with such things.  We look around the world, our worlds and can easily be tripped up by the ugly, the worst, the vague, the confusing and the concerning.  All the while forgetting that there is much to be thankful for – especially for those of us who live in developed nations; we easily forget that while we wonder about what to wear, someone has nothing to wear.  Oh, while we complain about the cost of food, some have none to eat.  I’m not trying to trip you up and have you feel bad about living in a blessed society.  Merely, saying it’s way too easy to forget that life is good.  God is good. And even when our world or the world seems like it falling apart.  We are blessed to fall into the arms of Jesus for comfort, hope, joy, strength and love.

What in your world is beautiful today?  For me, it’s the gentle breeze in the trees on our first 30 degree day in 9 months. (yey!!!Summer is coming to Melbourne)

What’s the best in your world today? So much am I grateful for, but the best of today, is knowing God is totally at work in and around my world. (Love that realisation so much)

Ok, that’s all from me -over and out

Happy Pondering xx

Oh, feel free to comment below the best and beautiful of your day 🙂 

Oh happy day!

*sings* oh, happy day, oh happy day, ohhh happp-ie day-yyy, ohhh happy day.

A photo by Julia Caesar.’s another cool spring morning in Melbourne – well its 16ºC, which based on our long winter is practically tropical.  The difference is there is blue sky, the wonderful fragrance of blooming rose bushes and birds singing to each other.    I seem to be on a happy spree at the moment in my writing.  Constant opportunity arise to steal our joy, our song, our peace, you just need to look at Facebook or the news and you’ll see a reason to frown, to stumble, to wonder ‘what’s going on?’


I remember as a kid playing ‘obvious hide and seek’ with the girls in grade 5.  We’d hang off different play equipment in the playground, whoever got home to base before being sprung didn’t need to be ‘it’ next time.  Guaranteed when I was ‘it’ I’d miss the person standing about 5 feet away from me, because I was too busy looking for the mystery instead of the obvious.

This perfectly describes God at time in our lives. He is there to be found, in obvious ways, but sometimes we miss it, because we are trying too hard or think He’s lurking in the shadows, like I thought the girl were when we played.

So today, no matter what’s going on around you, position yourself in His joy and peace.  Eyes affixed to peace Himself.  Psalm 46:1 says ‘God is our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble’ (HCSB).  So today, as you go about all that you need, remember to look up past the circumstances into the kindness and goodness of God.  He isn’t playing a game of hide and seek, instead He says ‘seek me and you’ll find me’ (Jer 29:13) ‘draw near to me and I’ll draw near to you’ (James 4:8).  Now that’s a great reason to be happy!

Until next time, happy pondering

3 words

photo-1431207446535-a9296cf995b1Challenge accepted! Can you wrap your 2016 so far into only 3 words – this was the challenge laid out before me.  What! 3 words for a talker! Impossible! But when I took a deep breathe to ponder the challenge, what came was the best summary of all.

So, I’m not going to tell you mine…I know – not fair, but I’ve a great title for a book now 😉 The challenge is not so much for sharing, but personally taking stock of what’s been unfolding in the sheer, fast passed madness which is twenty16.  So, grab a coffee, and take 30 seconds to quiet yourself and ask the question ‘what’s my 3 word summary for this year’.  You might be amazed at what follows – I know I was!

Until next time,Happy pondering