drop it…..

‘Tear ducts – use as required!’ E.S


Stumbled straight into this thought in an old notebook over the weekend. Why is it that we look upon emotions as the enemy. Sure, if they are controlling your every moment that’s not good. Nor, is pretending or boxing things away under a so called impenetrable armour. Life has a way of tugging at what lies beneath(enter  emotive music here). Bring to the surface what we’d hidden away in the deep, and usually at the most inopportune and inappropriate times (arhhhh, been there). It’s almost as inappropriate and bad as when you laugh so hard you SNORT, or that moment someone makes you laugh so hard you think you’ll choke on your cola (been there too😉).

img_7685But in all serious, we have hit December hard this year (after all 2016 feels only weeks old) and we’re just about to slide into another new year. Don’t carry what doesn’t need to be taken into next year. Drop it at the doorway. Let it remain in this year. A memory. A lesson. A growth opportunity. A thing of the past. A full stop following it.

If required, use those tear ducts – after all you’ve got them for a reason! There’s no shame in crying when needed, just don’t drown in you tears. If the waters rising to fast, put your hand up and signal for a friend to call in the lifeguards. Remember, your not an island, and God brings amazing people into our worlds to help us when the going is tough. And call on Him- he’ll gladly swim into the middle of it all and show you a way out.

Until next week
Swim boldly, love loudly and kick to the curb the clutter clawing at your 2017.

Happy pondering xx


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