Ruth: The Faithful One



In Ruth Chapter four we see the full circle moment for Ruth, from married to widow to married again.  A lot has transpired during the 4 small chapters and there is much to dig into along the way.  We’ve actually not delved into the ocean of Ruth, any more than sticking our big toe in, but I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed that little dip into this OT book –which often gets skipped over.

One of the many things I love about this chapter is that once Ruth remarries and has a bub, that many women of the community tell Naomi (Ruth’s mother in law) how blessed she is to have Ruth in her life.  ‘For your daughter-in-law, who loves you and who is better to you than seven sons’ (Ruth 4:15).  Now in today’s thinking we would be questioning the equality of such a statement and many would be offended, thinking, ‘how dare we be compared to males or made to feel less then’.  BUT – culturally and historically this is a MASSIVE compliment which Ruth is given.  Time after time in this book – her character is brought to the forefront, praised and acknowledged.  What’s even more impressive is that at the time, she was from another land (Moab) and I’m guessing that often compliments where not bestowed on those with a different upbringing or nationality.

So as we journey out of this book – I want to encourage you that character in hardship never goes out of fashion.  It is always stylist. Ruth had every opportunity to whinge, mourn, complain and throw a tantrum as life dealt her an unfair blow.  But, instead she was seen to be a women of character – faithful, honored, virtuous.  So to can we be men and women who when hardship and trials come knocking – show our character, in not just skin deep ways but pumping thru our veins manners. Sure, we might have a moment where we get it wrong (we all do – a least I know I do and massively sometimes ) but, we get to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and journey forward.   And really that’s how great character is formed – in the mud of life, when its easy to let things slide.


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Ruth: The Unfolding


Ruth didnt go back to what was familar. She stepped out in faith and walked into the unknown. Her courage brought her to her diveine destiney. DOnt look back

Here we are again, man how fast do the week fly 🙂

As we do a hurried road trip through the book of Ruth there is so much to read, study and just lose ourselves in.  From teaching about Kinsman redeemers, to mirroring language between the chapters.  To word studies on language such as hesed, which implies mercy, loyalty and loving kindness. I’d love to dig in those topics for a few more months, but today I simply want to say, as we do life – expect the unexpected.

Profound – huh! but really, life is full of twists, turns and mysteries.  We can get caught up in the moment, easily losing sight of the fact that we don’t have to do this road-trip through time on our own.  God will gladly journey it with you, and even thought highs, lows, avalanches and sunrises come and go, He remains close, available and ready to chat.

Ruth enters this story with her life flipped on its head.  A newly widowed women, in a new country, on an adventure of faithfulness with her Mother-in-Law.   She didnt know how it would turn out, but she went anyway.  Time after time, it is noted that she is a women of worth, virtue, character, excellence , noble and any other similar word the thesaurus will throw at her 😉

In the Bible book of Ruth, we don’t see a lot of God said this, God did that, but we can see how the story is being knit together.  Much like our lives, most of us don’t have a published book written about us ‘filled with God said this‘, ‘God did that’s‘ but we have a story to tell. Even if we didnt recognize it at the time, often on reflection we see that in fact God was there. Cheering us through struggles, comforting us through heartache, celebrating in victory, and so on.   It might have been through something some said, a verse you read that meant a lot, a card of gift you where given, a bill that was paid for you. Or the way the autumn leaves made you smile and think there must be someone who created this beauty! ( you can telli’m looking out my window 🙂 )

So to revisit the top quote – ‘courage brought her into her divine destiny’.  Today, I hope your courage, is bringing you closer to your divine destiny. I read it like this the other day (apologies to the author, I cant remember his name off the top of my head)

‘ I believe that no one has the right to leave this world without having understood the purpose for his existence, and through this, changed his environment to make it a better place’ 

You’ve a purpose tailor made for you, not a cheap mass produced copy.  Your story may have, may be and may continue to be a twisting road through the back blocks of life.  But know, that you can do whatever it is, that lies within your destiny; and that God is happy and longing to road trip that journey with you.

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Ruth: Your Seen….


Ever feel like your not seen? That what you do goes unnoticed or worse people only see the times you muck up and not the good. 

Here in the second chapter of Ruth we see Ruth question Boaz as to why she has found favour in his eyes (if you didn’t watch the amazing little video last week; I’d go check it out today Boaz, the land owner where she’s gleaning (picking up scraps) answers her by telling her- it’s all been ‘fully reported‘ to me. All the good stuff you’ve been doing since. Not only did he know, but people where impressed enough to give a great report on her character when asked (life goals hey!)

He then pronounced a blessing over her life in Ruth 2:12 

May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.” (NIV). 

Be encouraged today, even when you think no one sees the good that you’re contributing to life- God does! And often time, so does someone else and they can be praying that God pours out His love, peace and favour in your world. 

But let’s not just be people who wait for someone to love on us, to encourage us, build us up; let’s be people to tell others what we love about them, encourage them, build them up.

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Ruth: So it begins …..

Key Passage :Ruth 1:16-17


I love this passage- the book really. I spend 6 months and 40000 words studying it in bible college and it taught me that every element of the bible has something for today. 
I remember when I got my first ever Bible study, it was on Ruth and I was 10; my mum was saying that you need to wait  for father to get home so he can help you. And me thinking  ‘no way I want to get this done’ ( i was super excited!) and this was part of the passage we were to study.   I first read it on that day,  and from that day till now I have loved it – it’s made me want to be a woman who is committed- beyond measure. 
I think back to the verse and think what an incredible woman- she gave up a family, her country,  friends etc to stick by her mother-in-law and the hope of a future.  Amazing sacrifice, so inspiring- Ruth what an amazing story shared in four little chapters.
Anyway, so I look at Ruth,and think I want to be that kind of person …someone who is loyal …faithful …courageous ….willing to try new things. So with that in mind I’m going to be chatting about this amazing woman’s story over the next few weeks. 
Check out this little video for an overview of the Book of Ruth- I loved it!
Hope you enjoy the ride
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