Those words……

Why is that words like persistence, tenacity and patience, are all revealed in pressured situations.

If things are going to your time line, your not really being patient. If things are unfolding in the way you wish, you don’t need to be persistent. And if things are cruisey you don’t need grit your teeth tenacity.

Life may be simpler if we didn’t need those things but I’d like to propose that it would not be better. (Well, it would feel like it was, but not really in the long run; we’d never grow). 

You see diamonds come because of pressure. Pearls come due to irritation (I’m thinking I said this recently already🤔) and well good tea comes in the brewing. What’s this to do with you, I hear your heart quietly ask. Everything! 


You see that delay, that inconvenience, that frustration; all has the opportunity to bring about growth (groan😏). Our growth as people, comes not some much in the things that life throws at us; but in the way we handle it. 
Do we throw a tantrum, a pity party, a denial gathering or do we simply acknowledge it, and choose to respond. I mean really – do we choose to respond well. 

I believe all to often things arise and we duck and weave in our emotions about it. But what if? 
What if, instead we paid attention to our emotions. And we let them be the guide post to our believe system. Showing us what we are believing deep down in the recesses of our heart. 

Once we know what we believe – it can then be challenged. But you can’t challenge what you can’t see. And you can’t see what your not looking for. (I’m pretty deep for 11:33pm tonight- must be on a sugar high. Umm donuts!). But I think you catching my drift. 

You and only you get to choose how you respond. Others may influence you but you choose. To say you don’t have a choice, in itself shows you a belief system that needs shifting cause when it all boils down to it; not only are we responsible and accountable for our lives; our decisions, our choices- but we are empowered to make them. We are empowered and invited to live in the presence of God daily, and there we discover the way to choose and choose well. 

Do me a a favor next time you feel you need a double dose of patience, persistence and tenacity; remember it’s fully available to you. You don’t have to do today alone or any day alone. Not only can God get you through those times- He wants too! 
I’m off to conference next week, so not sure if I’ll find time to write or not. So I may or may not see you next week.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this final thought 💭

Happy Pondering xx


Who are you? 

The Message 
22 God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. 23 They’re created new every morning. How great your faithfulness! 24 I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over). He’s all I’ve got left. 25God proves to be good to the man who passionately waits, to the woman who diligently seeks. 26It’s a good thing to quietly hope, quietly hope for help from God. Lamentations 3:22-26

So I’d written a whole other blog about being 100 days on from ACL surgery. But maybe I’ll re-write it for day two hundred – maybe 😉

I love this passage. God’s love can’t run out! Because He doesn’t just have a supply; He’s the author of love. Love, mercy and hope are not just character traits which God has; they are who He is. As much as God is love; love is of God. Starts and ends with Him. As much as we have hope in God; God empowers us to have hope each day. 

So simply today – I just wanta say. No matter what- it’s good to patiently wait and believe in God. Cause He’ll never let you down. Even when circumstances look like He has- know that there is a turn around on its way. 

Often we think the tough stuff of life wears us down; but in reality it makes us who we truly. Diamonds grow under pressure, pearls grow with irritation and tea brews in hot water. 

So if life’s irritating, pressure filled or like being plunged into hot water. Know this- God loves you today, and He’ll love you tomorrow. You can chat to Him about anything at anytime- so go grab a coffee and have a chat with Him. 

Until next time

Happy Pondering xx

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It’s RU OK? day, and I’ve seen numerous people change there Facebook photos and post about it on there page. Posting famous quotes, like this one….

Which is great!

But I’ve a little extra challenge for you. Grab you phone and add a reminder in it everyday for the next month, at say 10am. Morning coffee time☕️

When the reminder goes off, ask yourself this question- ‘God, is there anyone you want me to contact today?‘, if you don’t have the same belief system, that’s ok. You can still do the challenge, just see who pops into your mind as the reminder goes off. 
When the remind goes off:

  • send a quick message to someone, ask how they are going if you know they are doing it rough. 
  • Say thanks to a friend you value. 
  • Find a corny meme (like this one I’m guilty of sending to a few people🙃)
Photo Cred: Lisa Slavid
  • Send a joke to someone who loves to laugh but has been low on giggles lately. 
  • Find a inspirational quote or verse and send it along. 
  • Or, ask God what it is He wants you to say, do or send to them. 

I’ve had a reminder set for everyday of the last 18 months. I don’t always do it (cause I’m slack😉) but I’m amazed how many times I’ve heard ‘it’s just what I’ve needed today’.

Let me know how it goes. I’d love to know. 
Until next time, Happy Pondering xx

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unexpected preparation! 

Each week I sit down to write and often I’ve nothing to say until I open the note section of my phone. Or should I say, I don’t know what to share until this time🤔.

Like most people there are a myriad of things going on in life. A jumble of good, bad, common and unexpected. Things you want to talk about and things you don’t, can’t or won’t or shouldn’t.

I’ll leave you to ponder that, while I eat my aeroplane food. My currently flying home from Toowoomba, QLD and my ricotta lasagne is making my stomach grumble. So is the garlic bread. Oh no– too hot……so while it’s cooling here’s my thought.

PhotoCred:Selfie of me and my mum June’17

My mum came to Melbourne a few weeks ago to drive me to and from work, while my sister was overseas enjoying her holiday. I’m healing a little slower than expected or desired and wasn’t cleared to drive until 9 weeks post knee surgery. (Seems never ending and so long at the moment, but progress is progress and that’s to be celebrated).

The day after I was cleared to drive Mum came home and now two weeks later she went into hospital herself. This has me thinking 💭

Before my surgery I had a lead up time, a time to prepare, a few weeks. Mum had a few days, but as I met mum’s room mate in hospital- she had no time to prepare.

She was just working away on the farm when a piece of barbed wire decided to break free and wrap around her leg. Sounds painful I know- (I saw the photos😬 – so so gross).

This has me thinking – how do we prepare for the unexpected. I mean how do you prepare for an accident, when the very nature means they are unplanned.

You can’t!!

Helpful- aren’t I 😉But what gets you through in these times is all you have founded your life on before hand.

So my encouragement to you today is, don’t let a day pass you by without building into your life the qualities and character you desire to see in an emergency. Cause you never know when you may need to draw on that resource. The unexpected happens every day- it’s not something to be afraid of- rather inspired by.

You may think that’s a strange concept- but I’ve learnt over the past few weeks, months, years that things can flip you on your head and leave you wondering why are you bobbing about in the ocean. Or things can flip you about and you feel like you land in the water with your floaties (floatation aid) already affixed. It’s not that the water is different and less turbulent but that your response is.

And the reason it is- is because your able to pull on what you need, from your reserves, in that time of crisis.
So what are the qualities you want in a crisis?

Strength, wisdom, resilient, humour, positivity, optimism, thankfulness, peace, kindness, love, joy, patience and so on.

What happened today that caused you to grow in one of those areas?
Was someone horridly rude, but you remained kind. Did someone keep you waiting, but you remained patient. Did someone try to grump in your joy meter. Did someone pull you down but you remained strong in the knowledge of who you are?

These things happen everyday. We get to decide if we grow or shrink because of them. Grow, GRow, GROW! in there midst. Cause it’s the exact thing that is strengthening you for the next unexpected thing to cross the horizon of your life.
As I said to the flight attendant- during my personalized emergency briefing this afternoon (gotta love flying with crutches lol ) you do whatever you need to in an emergency. But you know- you actually can’t pull on what you don’t have. Not in the natural, not in the spiritual and not in your character.
So build today. Don’t waste it. Take a step towards being the person you want to be in that next ‘what the‘ moment that crosses your life.

While you can’t see an accident coming- you can be a better you, a stronger you, a more vibrant you each day. You’ve got this!

Until next time, Happy Pondering 😀

Ok, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my flight. 👋🏻

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