the plan

It’s that time of the year again. When we all talk about how quickly the year has gone, that we can’t believe it’s Christmas, that we either love, hate or are indifferent to Christmas carols. It’s like those conversations are on a loop. And often so it the next one… what is next year going to look like for you? What’s your plan. 
Argh- plan. What? I should have a plan. Haha, I often think I have a plan and it turns out I don’t even have a vague idea of what I’m wanting to achieve. So this is my challenge for the next week weeks, before Christmas and New Year roll on by and 2018 is in full swing. 

So here’s the challenge 😉 to write down three things to achieve in 2018. One crazy massive, one slightly challenging and one obtainable. 

Then from there a step by step breakdown of what needs to be done in reality to achieve them. What training is required, are resources needing to be purchased and is there room in the budget? Who are the people you need to be visited and their wisdom and no how picked. What needs to be done  in order to see the dream not only be ink on paper or a note on my phone but an actual achievement. 
And simply work at it. 
Whether it all happens or not, at least you’ve seriously thought about your goals. Who knows it may actually be easier than you think. Or more challenging. Whatever unfolds at least you’ve given 2018 the best you’ve got. 
Until next week, I’m off to ponder my 2018 xx


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