God and Me Worldview Series

Often with political and media driven issues it’s easy to find yourself making decisions without even considering God’s perspective on the matter. So in 2016 we are conducting an initiative called God & Me Worldview Series. The goal is to equip you to find a biblical framework for some the world’s most challenging issues. We won’t tell you what to believe or give you a political standpoint, rather an understanding that God desires we seek Him as the founder of our opinions and worldview. Learning how to find God’s heart on the matter. Quietening the clutter of media and political noise and discovering the voice of God to His people; on how we can respond to the world around us.
With many topics in the God and Me Worldview Series there’s not a simple chapter and verse solution. We need to wrestle with the topic to come to a personal and biblically informed viewpoint. So come along, join the conversation and learn how to find God’s heart on the matter!
During 2016 these session have been held live in Melbourne* :
  • God and the Syrian Conflict ~ Our Response
  • God and Children in Detention ~ Our Response to the vulnerable
  • God and Depression ~ our response to mental health
  • God and Emotions – Where’s there fit?
  • God and Sexploitation~ our response to the links between Porn &Sex Trafficking
  • God, Violence and Abuse ~ our response to the broken-hearted
  • God & Relational Poverty ~ our response to the lonely
  • God, Homelessness and Poverty ~ our response to hurting
    (View Video link advertising  here  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/7tjark0hob6wwqi9y5mkk?oref=e&sm=1)
Coming Soon!
*These courses are to be developed into an online format.  They are coming soon 🙂