Daisy Chain

Earlier in the week I was walking up and down the street, when the little boy who lives opposite our place, who’s 5, gave me a few daisies. As I talked with his mum, Josie, Master 5 brought more and more flowers until I had a handful. 

Master 5 handful of flowers

Josie commented to me that she’d made his big sister- Miss 7 her first daisy chain on the weekend. Master 5 not wanting to miss out requested (or demanded😉) that mum make him one too.

Josie said they where amazed

Ahhh so funny, how something as simple as a daisy chain can appear to be a great wonder. 

And here is why I think it’s like that. Master 5 and Miss 7 still looks at the world with childlike wonder. And why wouldn’t they no jobs, bills or relationship dramas to deal with. But we, the old ones of this story , we get tainted with the grim of daily life. We forget our wonder, we forget to be in awe. We may have even lost all hope of looking at the world around us and seeing the good, the beautiful, the amazing and the unexplainably delightful. 

I’d like to propose that this is more because of how we choose (or default) to living each day. If we look for the negative we find it. If we look for the positive, we’ll see it. If we hunt for the wonderment we had when we here kids we’ll discover it. 
So what are you defaulting to today? Wonder and awe or despair and negativity. 
And my next big power question sequence is:

Are you happy with this?

Do you want it to change?

What you going to do about that?
And maybe the toughest when you going to start and how you going to keep yourself on track?
I’m not foolish enough to believe I can bring change to my world totally independent of help. I know, I have to make the choose and the buck stops with me, but I also know that sometimes you need to enlist a cheer squad, a coach and a water boy to keep you on the field of play. Cause as soon as you hit the bench for timeout and an breather; you going backwards. 

I don’t know about you- but my most loyal companion is God, I mean He is always there- me I can wander away, distance myself or forget to call on Him at times, not wanting to be a burden. But He is always there. And He sees it all so differently.

As it says in James- draw near to me and He’ll draw near. It not that He’s waiting for you to make the first move. Instead He is always calling to come closer, but will it grab you and demand you to. Instead He extends an invitation. So today, I encourage you accept it. Draw near to Him, let God show you the wonder that exists in Him and in the world around you. 

Until next time 

Happy Pondering xx


unexpected preparation! 

Each week I sit down to write and often I’ve nothing to say until I open the note section of my phone. Or should I say, I don’t know what to share until this time🤔.

Like most people there are a myriad of things going on in life. A jumble of good, bad, common and unexpected. Things you want to talk about and things you don’t, can’t or won’t or shouldn’t.

I’ll leave you to ponder that, while I eat my aeroplane food. My currently flying home from Toowoomba, QLD and my ricotta lasagne is making my stomach grumble. So is the garlic bread. Oh no– too hot……so while it’s cooling here’s my thought.

PhotoCred:Selfie of me and my mum June’17

My mum came to Melbourne a few weeks ago to drive me to and from work, while my sister was overseas enjoying her holiday. I’m healing a little slower than expected or desired and wasn’t cleared to drive until 9 weeks post knee surgery. (Seems never ending and so long at the moment, but progress is progress and that’s to be celebrated).

The day after I was cleared to drive Mum came home and now two weeks later she went into hospital herself. This has me thinking 💭

Before my surgery I had a lead up time, a time to prepare, a few weeks. Mum had a few days, but as I met mum’s room mate in hospital- she had no time to prepare.

She was just working away on the farm when a piece of barbed wire decided to break free and wrap around her leg. Sounds painful I know- (I saw the photos😬 – so so gross).

This has me thinking – how do we prepare for the unexpected. I mean how do you prepare for an accident, when the very nature means they are unplanned.

You can’t!!

Helpful- aren’t I 😉But what gets you through in these times is all you have founded your life on before hand.

So my encouragement to you today is, don’t let a day pass you by without building into your life the qualities and character you desire to see in an emergency. Cause you never know when you may need to draw on that resource. The unexpected happens every day- it’s not something to be afraid of- rather inspired by.

You may think that’s a strange concept- but I’ve learnt over the past few weeks, months, years that things can flip you on your head and leave you wondering why are you bobbing about in the ocean. Or things can flip you about and you feel like you land in the water with your floaties (floatation aid) already affixed. It’s not that the water is different and less turbulent but that your response is.

And the reason it is- is because your able to pull on what you need, from your reserves, in that time of crisis.
So what are the qualities you want in a crisis?

Strength, wisdom, resilient, humour, positivity, optimism, thankfulness, peace, kindness, love, joy, patience and so on.

What happened today that caused you to grow in one of those areas?
Was someone horridly rude, but you remained kind. Did someone keep you waiting, but you remained patient. Did someone try to grump in your joy meter. Did someone pull you down but you remained strong in the knowledge of who you are?

These things happen everyday. We get to decide if we grow or shrink because of them. Grow, GRow, GROW! in there midst. Cause it’s the exact thing that is strengthening you for the next unexpected thing to cross the horizon of your life.
As I said to the flight attendant- during my personalized emergency briefing this afternoon (gotta love flying with crutches lol ) you do whatever you need to in an emergency. But you know- you actually can’t pull on what you don’t have. Not in the natural, not in the spiritual and not in your character.
So build today. Don’t waste it. Take a step towards being the person you want to be in that next ‘what the‘ moment that crosses your life.

While you can’t see an accident coming- you can be a better you, a stronger you, a more vibrant you each day. You’ve got this!

Until next time, Happy Pondering 😀

Ok, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my flight. 👋🏻

PhotoCred:Me 😉

4 L’s _ Part 4

….another week, another chat 🙂


Laughter – oh my, we don’t realize how important it is in life until we catch ourselves really laughing for the first time in ages and realize ‘I’ve missed this’.
 This ….


Confession time – when I really laugh I snort. Those who know me find it hilarious and almost a challenge to get me to this point.
It is so good for the soul to laugh… it’s like joy escaping cause there’s an overload. So good. And what I love most is that God designed us to laugh, to experience joy and to express it. So amazing. 


 She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

(Prov 31:25 NIV)

Proverbs 31 classically known as the virtuous wife chapter talks about the character and nature of this woman(many see her not as an individual but as a picture of the church/Bride which Jesus will return for) . Here in verse 25 it paints a picture of laughter, joy, peace, security without fear-concern-worry about what is to unfold in the future.
This is the security in God in which I desire that laughter be birthed from in your days. How about you? Let’s not see a day pass without just a little chuckle overflowing from our lives. 


Until next week, laugh a little more that normal
Happy Pondering ( and laughing 😉 )

4 L’s _ Part 1

Grinding to a halt. Very fast the end of the summer (truth be told in Melbourne, summer never truly arrived) and first few month of twenty 17 has came, with full stop will marking its end . With that in mind let’s look over what it is in life that frames your days, as we move more into this year . While this is not set in stone for me; here’s a list I’ve been holding near during the last 18 months or so.   A motto so to speak.
Live. Love. Laugh. Learn
Live: life is for living, not just tolerating. All to often we can stumble through the routine of life and be caught in the ‘busy’ cycle. And forget that life is for enjoying. Make it a goal to enjoy  loved ones, friends, the work you do, go to new countries, new restaurants, go to your favorite places, your favorite coffee spot.
Love: God loves us immeasurably and in this we learn to love others. Sometimes the harder part is not loving others, but ourselves. Allowing ourselves to look in the mirror and see what God sees and says about you.(Hint – you are fearfully and wonderfully made Ps 139). 
Laugh: many times in life we are faced with laugh or cry circumstances, desire to live life as someone who laughs in the face of adversity. (And smile everyday 🙂 )
And finally 
Learn: there’s always a way to extend ourselves thru being pliable and not immovable in life. Look to grow from trials, mistakes and challenges. And let the things your passionate about drive you to more understanding, knowledge and wisdom. 
There a heap more that can be said about these, and was until I just deleted it 😉 . Because sometimes extra words are just that.  Besides plans are in motion to cover them in more depth over the month of March.
Before I go- I’ve some news. I’ve created a Facebook page for Sozotalk, here I’ll be posting a few extra things during the week(well that’s the plan- here’s to being disciplined 😬). So free free to also join me there https://m.facebook.com/sozotalkAUS/
Happy Pondering  x