Daisy Chain

Earlier in the week I was walking up and down the street, when the little boy who lives opposite our place, who’s 5, gave me a few daisies. As I talked with his mum, Josie, Master 5 brought more and more flowers until I had a handful. 

Master 5 handful of flowers

Josie commented to me that she’d made his big sister- Miss 7 her first daisy chain on the weekend. Master 5 not wanting to miss out requested (or demanded😉) that mum make him one too.

Josie said they where amazed

Ahhh so funny, how something as simple as a daisy chain can appear to be a great wonder. 

And here is why I think it’s like that. Master 5 and Miss 7 still looks at the world with childlike wonder. And why wouldn’t they no jobs, bills or relationship dramas to deal with. But we, the old ones of this story , we get tainted with the grim of daily life. We forget our wonder, we forget to be in awe. We may have even lost all hope of looking at the world around us and seeing the good, the beautiful, the amazing and the unexplainably delightful. 

I’d like to propose that this is more because of how we choose (or default) to living each day. If we look for the negative we find it. If we look for the positive, we’ll see it. If we hunt for the wonderment we had when we here kids we’ll discover it. 
So what are you defaulting to today? Wonder and awe or despair and negativity. 
And my next big power question sequence is:

Are you happy with this?

Do you want it to change?

What you going to do about that?
And maybe the toughest when you going to start and how you going to keep yourself on track?
I’m not foolish enough to believe I can bring change to my world totally independent of help. I know, I have to make the choose and the buck stops with me, but I also know that sometimes you need to enlist a cheer squad, a coach and a water boy to keep you on the field of play. Cause as soon as you hit the bench for timeout and an breather; you going backwards. 

I don’t know about you- but my most loyal companion is God, I mean He is always there- me I can wander away, distance myself or forget to call on Him at times, not wanting to be a burden. But He is always there. And He sees it all so differently.

As it says in James- draw near to me and He’ll draw near. It not that He’s waiting for you to make the first move. Instead He is always calling to come closer, but will it grab you and demand you to. Instead He extends an invitation. So today, I encourage you accept it. Draw near to Him, let God show you the wonder that exists in Him and in the world around you. 

Until next time 

Happy Pondering xx


A year…. how has that happened!

So 12 months ago today I said, ‘before we go to the water’s edge ; I want to go take a picture of that driftwood teepee on the beach‘. 

Photo Cred: me… 1 minute after my fall

Well I never made it to the water that day. And it’s hard to fathom that 12 months has gone past since. I have found that I have a strange gratitude what this season has brought. I mean when the MRI said I’d done my LCL, ACL, Meniscus and had a bakers cyst and something wrong with my patella. Firstly, I didn’t know what it all meant; thankful for my docs mini knee to show me thou. When your whole body head plants into the sand because everything from your left knee down stays firm; while the rest of your body falls without being able to brace yourself. Then your head and neck stop first before the rest of you …kinda whipped around and you sit up, going I heard something, grabbing your knee, expecting another wave of pain to hits which never lands. Then it’s strange to say you have gratitude. But I do. So therefore I’ll happily embrace the weirdness of it all. 

Let me say this straight.

I’m not happy I was hurt. I’m thankful it wasn’t worst. 

I’m not thankful it has been a slow slow slow recovery- I’m thankful I am recovering (115 days since surgery, not that I’m counting😉 , and I’m still using walking aids BUT each day there is improvement 😀and patience which grows🤔). 

I’m not thankful it hurts my brain to have to think so determinedly about each step; I’m thankful I still have capacity to do other things while this requires so much of me. 

I’m not thankful for all the times I felt like I’ve been doing this season alone; I’m thankful for those who celebrated my mini achievements as if I’d accomplished something world changing. 

I’m not thankful for the expenses associated with getting better (especially the month off without pay-ouch!); I’m thankful that I’m not financially stressed and have peace while I walk (😉)this though. 

I’m not thankful I had my first every overnight stay in hospital since being born; I’m thankful for our public health system which meant I could have my operation and the fabulous surgeon, doctors and nurses.  

I’m not thankful I had to have surgery; I’m thankful that God conquered a fearful situation in that operating room. 

I’m not thankful for having to face some major hurdles over the last 12 months; I’m thankful God carried me over each one of them. 

The strangest things is that doing my knee was just another things in a long list of  stuff that unfolds in life (we all have ups and downs hey!). But instead of finding myself in a pit of self pity- I found myself in a cacoon on contentment; when it make ab-so-lute-ly no sense. And I don’t recall making some big declaration to face it that way. When storms raged around and within- we can laugh when we might otherwise cry when we have an unshakable peace within us. For me that’s been Jesus.
So I’d be glossing over the hard times of the last 12 mths if I didn’t say that many times I just wanted to cry, give up and wallow. If I don’t say that I had many many challenges on all fronts to content with. That at times instead of being greeted with care, concern or even compassion, I was meet with contempt, judgement, condemnation and weighty expectations; which made me feel alone; really alone. 
But you know, I’ve been saying this off and on over the last 12 mths. We get to choose how we respond. And as my mentor said to be years ago. ‘Sometimes in life, the way people treat you, shows you who you don’t want to be‘. So there it is; the manure stinks but it gives nutritional value to the soil. So for all the poop that this year has brought, thank you for fertalizing my life. You wanted to bring stench to my world, but instead I’m better because of you. What was a tripping hazard- has instead propelled me into a new season. 
So while I’m not thankful that tree tripped me; I’m thankful for the awesome photo I have to mark the start of a season which had brought many unexpected things of value into my world. 
Thank you teepee, thank you left knee, thank you JC. ( sorry for my little rhyming). 
I have seen over this last little while this verse in action romans 8:28.

While they weren’t good on there own; they have been knotted into the fabric of my world and the pattern has been enhanced because of them. 

So….Happy Anniversary Knee- we are stronger than we were 12 months ago and we are going from strength to strength. Looking forward to many adventures over the coming days, years and decades. Here’s to being whole and healed! 
Thank you Lord, for always being with me, even when I tried to do it alone over this last season. You have been my everything. So thankful to do life with you xx

Until next time …. Happy Pondering !!


It’s RU OK? day, and I’ve seen numerous people change there Facebook photos and post about it on there page. Posting famous quotes, like this one….

Which is great!

But I’ve a little extra challenge for you. Grab you phone and add a reminder in it everyday for the next month, at say 10am. Morning coffee time☕️

When the reminder goes off, ask yourself this question- ‘God, is there anyone you want me to contact today?‘, if you don’t have the same belief system, that’s ok. You can still do the challenge, just see who pops into your mind as the reminder goes off. 
When the remind goes off:

  • send a quick message to someone, ask how they are going if you know they are doing it rough. 
  • Say thanks to a friend you value. 
  • Find a corny meme (like this one I’m guilty of sending to a few people🙃)
Photo Cred: Lisa Slavid
  • Send a joke to someone who loves to laugh but has been low on giggles lately. 
  • Find a inspirational quote or verse and send it along. 
  • Or, ask God what it is He wants you to say, do or send to them. 

I’ve had a reminder set for everyday of the last 18 months. I don’t always do it (cause I’m slack😉) but I’m amazed how many times I’ve heard ‘it’s just what I’ve needed today’.

Let me know how it goes. I’d love to know. 
Until next time, Happy Pondering xx

Photo Cred: www. memes.doublie.com

unexpected preparation! 

Each week I sit down to write and often I’ve nothing to say until I open the note section of my phone. Or should I say, I don’t know what to share until this time🤔.

Like most people there are a myriad of things going on in life. A jumble of good, bad, common and unexpected. Things you want to talk about and things you don’t, can’t or won’t or shouldn’t.

I’ll leave you to ponder that, while I eat my aeroplane food. My currently flying home from Toowoomba, QLD and my ricotta lasagne is making my stomach grumble. So is the garlic bread. Oh no– too hot……so while it’s cooling here’s my thought. 

PhotoCred:Selfie of me and my mum June’17

My mum came to Melbourne a few weeks ago to drive me to and from work, while my sister was overseas enjoying her holiday. I’m healing a little slower than expected or desired and wasn’t cleared to drive until 9 weeks post knee surgery. (Seems never ending and so long at the moment, but progress is progress and that’s to be celebrated). 

The day after I was cleared to drive Mum came home and now two weeks later she went into hospital herself. This has me thinking 💭 

Before my surgery I had a lead up time, a time to prepare, a few weeks. Mum had a few days, but as I met mum’s room mate in hospital- she had no time to prepare. 

She was just working away on the farm when a piece of barbed wire decided to break free and wrap around her leg. Sounds painful I know- (I saw the photos😬 – so so gross). 

This has me thinking – how do we prepare for the unexpected. I mean how do you prepare for an accident, when the very nature means they are unplanned.

You can’t!!

Helpful- aren’t I 😉But what gets you through in these times is all you have founded your life on before hand. 

So my encouragement to you today is, don’t let a day pass you by without building into your life the qualities and character you desire to see in an emergency. Cause you never know when you may need to draw on that resource. The unexpected happens every day- it’s not something to be afraid of- rather inspired by. 

You may think that’s a strange concept- but I’ve learnt over the past few weeks, months, years that things can flip you on your head and leave you wondering why are you bobbing about in the ocean. Or things can flip you about and you feel like you land in the water with your floaties (floatation aid) already affixed. It’s not that the water is different and less turbulent but that your response is. 

And the reason it is- is because your able to pull on what you need, from your reserves, in that time of crisis. 
So what are the qualities you want in a crisis? 

Strength, wisdom, resilient, humour, positivity, optimism, thankfulness, peace, kindness, love, joy, patience and so on. 

What happened today that caused you to grow in one of those areas? 
Was someone horridly rude, but you remained kind. Did someone keep you waiting, but you remained patient. Did someone try to grump in your joy meter. Did someone pull you down but you remained strong in the knowledge of who you are?

These things happen everyday. We get to decide if we grow or shrink because of them. Grow, GRow, GROW! in there midst. Cause it’s the exact thing that is strengthening you for the next unexpected thing to cross the horizon of your life. 
As I said to the flight attendant- during my personalized emergency briefing this afternoon (gotta love flying with crutches lol ) you do whatever you need to in an emergency. But you know- you actually can’t pull on what you don’t have. Not in the natural, not in the spiritual and not in your character.
So build today. Don’t waste it. Take a step towards being the person you want to be in that next ‘what the‘ moment that crosses your life. 

While you can’t see an accident coming- you can be a better you, a stronger you, a more vibrant you each day. You’ve got this! 

Until next time, Happy Pondering 😀

Ok, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my flight. 👋🏻 

PhotoCred:Me 😉


Or not so, as the waves of frustration have crashed on the shore of recovery. The one thing I’ve learnt, out of the hundreds of grrrr moments I’ve experienced lately- is that while you don’t necessarily get to choose the circumstances- you get to choose how you respond. So many stories I could tell. 

Ever been in a stage, season, wilderness of life where you just want it to let up. For something to go right. Me too. All to often thou I’ve become impatient with the goings on and forgotten that life is not so much about the destination but the journey (oh that word, just makes my skin crawl🤣). Because as annoying as it is, we will be traveling to the destination until the day we die. 

Life, may have many- stop and sit, camp and live here a moment moments 😉. But eventually we become restless for the next. Unfortunately, if we don’t learn to be patient and at peace in the discomfort of a transient life, we make it hard for ourselves and those who do this thing called life with us. 

Transient, I hear you ask. Yep, if your growing, your changing and if your changing you are learning new things, desiring new things and capable of new things. Growth leads to movement. Much growth lead to much movement, shift and change in attitudes, perspective and skill. This all leads to desiring change, new things, the next thing- the next stage. 

However, sometimes we have to wait for it to unfold. And that- is the place where patience must come and unfold in your thinking. Your believing and your decision making. Because even in the waiting, growth is happening. Dare, I even suggest that more growth comes in the waiting season, the apparent dormant season than any other. 

Think of an iceberg. Or a seed pushing thru the soil as it grows, we can’t see most of what’s going on beneath the surface. But that’s where the majority of growth comes. The root system pushes down, in preparation for the seed to climb up and break the soil. Da dah! It pushes thru and we celebrate the seen, not knowing or understanding the effort, growth and change that have occurred to see that moment unfold. It’s the Same with your life, precious one. God is wanting to grow something in you- firstly I believe a relationship with Him and from there where communication flows freely- purpose! Purpose for now, purpose for later, purpose that makes you believe that each day you live and breathe, your breath is vital, valuable and yep- purpose-FILLED!

Photo Cred: kevinadbulrahman.com

So I encourage you today- stay patient and connected to Him when it all seems ‘blar‘. He’s got you. He knows you and He understands. Talk to Him about it. 
Love you guys

Until next time- Happy Pondering xx

Storm Chillin 

Hand it over…. remember those words as a child. Your mum or dad or teacher 😬, asking you to hand them that thing which was distracting you, that you had taken without permission, that you where playing with when you where meant to be sleeping. Don’t remember- me neither 😉

Reminds me a little of Philippians 4:6-7(NJKV)

6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Supplication, such an old fashioned word but, it is described as earnest or intense, extended prayer not because your request gains merit or worth with more words or time. Rather, that this is the process where the concern is transferred fully from your hands to His- to God’s. 

It takes time to hand things over, sometimes grabbing  them back a few times before they are fully given into His hands; timing and ways.

Photo Cred: Unknown

 It is in the handing over and prayer (chatting with God) that peace is found in a situation or circumstances. Ever had peace at a time when it doesn’t make sense; your world is seamly falling apart and yet inside you feel calm. That’s the kind of peace which is available when you talk with God about your life and hand your concerns to Him. The Bible describes it as ‘the peace of God which surpasses all understanding‘. I don’t know about you but I love it when life is going crazy (wait for it – that’s not the bit I love) and yet in spite of that I’m calm. At rest. At peace. Relaxed. Its amazing the clarity that comes when you are at peace in a storm that life is whipping up. 
So to your storm today – I say peace- be still! Lean in and chat to God about all that’s going on. Sometimes the storm lasts for a minute but the rainbow it produces for years.  Today – be chilling with Him! 

Ok…. until next time 

Happy Pondering x 

It’s ok … 

What a week, fortnight really! It’s gone past at the speed of light- so quick I never wrote last week. Honestly, the temptation is there to skip another week. But we all know how that goes. One turns to two and two turns to 3 years. Well, slight exaggeration but only slight😉

Photo Cred: Calveryfw

I really wanted to leave you with something earth shattering, life changing, history making but I’ve got nothing. 

Photo Cred:sacredmargins

That’s the truth of it really- it’s not so much the big ‘wow’ days that make your life remarkable but the way you do the day after day, through the good, bad, triumphant, and devastating. In the days that follow sleepless nights and diets blowouts. 

So I just want to say ‘you’re going great!, don’t give up and don’t allow circumstances and other people actions determine your character and your responses. After all great character is forged in the muck of life. Unfortunately, it’s in the testing that what lies beneath is revealed. 

Today- what lies beneath is a very tired 😴 girl longing to sleep through the night, walk without crutches and honor her God will her response to all that 2017 is throwing at her. 

What’s your 2017 revealing

Mine- glad you asked 😉. It’s revealing, yet again, that God is always at work, even when things don’t go to plan, when the unexpected becomes reality. That He’s faithful and good, even then things try to scream otherwise. I take it this way- if I wake up breathing again, this new day- I’ve been given had a purpose; and so do I – in it. Not only that, yesterdays stuff doesn’t have to ruin today’s. Sure there might be some stuff and junk to work through, but don’t allow yesterday to ruin your tomorrow- that’s how life is stolen. 
So breathe on …..have a fabulous day! If needed, in spite of what is going on. Cause- life’s worth living and I plan on enjoying it! Hope you do too. 

That’s all from me …. 👋🏻

…we’ve got this 

Love this!

So often we can go through the grind of life; feeling that we’re barely keeping our heads above water. It never even crosses our mind, that we might also be inspiring people around us with how you handle the in’s, out’s, up’s, down’s, mysteries and adventures which each day unfolds. 

When you read the quote above, you may have thought – “Be Strong”- how? You’ve no idea, what’s life’s unfolding. Yep, correct! I don’t! 

But, I know that “strong” doesn’t mean that that you’re superman or superwoman- it means that when things knock you down, you get back up. Whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 years. The determining factor  for strength is not in denying that life has ebb and flow, but the attitude to which you face the challenge and trials of life.

  As I have often said this year-“God, we’ve got this, well I don’t know that I do. God you got this, and that’s all I need“.  So keep inspiring people and stay strong. You got this!

Until next time,

Happy Pondering 

…. granted 

This week the thinking space was drowned out by returning to work, part time hours after my recent knee surgery. What has amazed me over the past 6 weeks is how much we simply take for granted. 

Like having a shower, without needing a chair to sit on. Or standing up and taking a step without crutches. In fact doing pretty much anything at the moment to do with doors, steps, clothes, food, drink, walking, or sleeping 😂. A bit dramatic, but the point is; we often take for granted what we do and can do without thought, without issue.

When I was in PNG on a missions trip I remember having a moment where I was convicted of what I take for granted. In a tiny village called Medubur, we’d stayed in a hut built from a giant log that rolled in from the sea, palm leaf thatched roof and shade cloth material for windows. 

The story around this ministry hut on the beach is another story of what we can take for granted but I wanted to talk to you about the chicken. Yep, chicken 🐥 🍗 . 

You see growing up we seemed to eat a lot of chicken, compared to other meat, understandably it cost less. But, in my heart I wasn’t thankful when I saw it on the plate, instead I silently yearned for a steak. On the last day in this little beautiful village of Medubar, a chicken was walked up to the steps and presented to us before it was away to be turned into dinner. The sacrifice for this village was great because this was just one of 3 laying hens. It was their egg chook- a resource which just kept providing. They killed this animal and served it to the team as a way to honor the team and show appreciation us coming. It messed with me head then, and it still does today. 

Here I was whining in my heart in Australia when mum served chicken, yet fast forward years and I’m in PNG totally overwhelmed by the sacrifice made without murmur. 

What I took for granted was questioned by the reality in front of me – often what one is thankful for, others are not.

So today, why not grab a coffee, a pen and paper or a smart phone and write a list of all the little things your thankful for and maybe even so big ones, the things you often take for granted…. let me get you started…..

…….I’m thankful for a home with a heater (it’s winter in Melbourne), lovely soft blankets, ice packs to sooth my swollen knee, Monte Carlo biscuits to munch, wifi, someone cooking dinner 😉, transport when I’m unable to drive, someone to ask ‘is there anything you need’, literacy, clarity of thought and ……..

Until next time, Happy Pondering xx 
Photo Cred: Me 😉 in Medubar,PNG 2011 

There and Back….

So not much for me to say today, I’m writing this a few days early in anticipation for not feeling like writing in a few days 😀You see I had knee surgery  yesterday and today (being the day I post my blog, not the day I’m writing it 😉) I get out of hospital. I won’t go into all the details today – maybe in a few weeks when I’ve more to report – i’ll see who I can gross out🤔

But today I wanted to acknowledge   the reason I’m here.  Yep, its this photo, of the amazing driftwood pyramid on an Inverloch beach. This is taken while I’m still figuring out if I can get up after my amazing head plant backwards into the beach. Where I heard a little something which turned out to be my ACL and Meniscus saying see-ya later, we’ve got nothing more to give you, were outta here.  In fact, my sister, threw my camera at me and said ‘while your down there, take the shot, your probably at the right angle now’ 🤣

Whilst trying to capture this photo, lead to a injury; which in the natural can only be fixed with surgery.  I was praying for a miracle, a supernatural fix, where God does what only He can.  You know – I was like ‘God, here’s your time to shine and let everyone know how great you are‘.  But here’s the thing…. He doesn’t need me to tell Him what to do or what would be the correct answer to a problem. In fact, during the 9 months-ish since this happened, He has used the process and prep for surgery to deal with some rubbish that never would have been touched on except for this process.  When I was going ‘hey, God do it this way’, He was saying “no, – girl I want to see you free from this instead”.  So here I am, in time travel mode, as I write from today forward a few days, thankful for what I might not be in a few day when I’m in pain.

So, I want to leave you with this….. God may not be doing what you think He should be doing, on your timeline, schedule or in your way; BUT He is doing something! If you’ll lean in and let Him lead you, you might discover, I’m 100% sure you will discover, it was way better than your plan and solution you had in mind.  What He is doing is good…..Just like Him.

Happy Pondering xx