Busy Haze…..

So last week I had this great thought while doing a country trip for work. You know the kind- brilliant but now you can’t remember. Yeah, it was one of them. And since it still escapes me, I’m using that as my excuse for not posting last week 😉

PhotoCred: asiaone.com

So, I’ve really not a lot to say but since I’m sitting in a hospital weighting room- I figure it’s the perfect time to write since I’ve been complaining about being busy. 
That word- Busy!

We all use it

We all complain about it

But we often don’t do anything about it.
We just keep on, keeping on. No changes to systems, processes, lifestyle, beliefs. And then we wonder why are we always so busy?
I think it’s due to a few things… hold tight…. I’m not going to pull any punches 😉😂😂

We might have a fear of missing out (FOMO) so we overcommit and sadly under deliver on our life’s to-do list in both the big and small things. 

We may be disorganized and pull others into the vortex of mess. Or others pull us into theirs. (Hate that!)

We may not know how to use the word ‘no’ and therefore say ‘yes’- when ‘no’ is the right, appropriate, and perfectly appropriate answer. 
We don’t know what we want, why we’re here and what to do; so we do a bit of everything. Thinking, the perfect ‘it’ will shine a light and bring an ‘ah ha‘ moment. So this is what I was born for.

What I’ve learnt is that in the busyness of life, we rarely find purpose. With purpose often comes purposeful activity, but busyiness is more a haze filled existence than a purposeful full life. Hope your tracking with me.

I believe God wants us to find our purpose in Him and from there live, the life He is calling us to and do the things He’s asking of us. 

For this we need to learn how to create margin around our life so that we have the space to lean into Him. To ask Him the big questions. To discover the answers big and small in a stillness. Not necessarily quite, no necessarily relaxing doing nothing, but a place of peace and calm within. While we accomplish all we need to. 

So sorry- you still need to go to work, do the dishes and the laundry. But you also need to drop out of your days and weeks some not importants so to find space for the vitals. Spending time with Him is a vital. And often is the first thing to go when we get busy. 

So I’m encouraging you and myself, to create margin, cut what need to go and implement what adding. 
Then maybe we’ll all feel less busy and more productive. 
Until next time

Happy Pondering xx


Daisy Chain

Earlier in the week I was walking up and down the street, when the little boy who lives opposite our place, who’s 5, gave me a few daisies. As I talked with his mum, Josie, Master 5 brought more and more flowers until I had a handful. 

Master 5 handful of flowers

Josie commented to me that she’d made his big sister- Miss 7 her first daisy chain on the weekend. Master 5 not wanting to miss out requested (or demanded😉) that mum make him one too.

Josie said they where amazed

Ahhh so funny, how something as simple as a daisy chain can appear to be a great wonder. 

And here is why I think it’s like that. Master 5 and Miss 7 still looks at the world with childlike wonder. And why wouldn’t they no jobs, bills or relationship dramas to deal with. But we, the old ones of this story , we get tainted with the grim of daily life. We forget our wonder, we forget to be in awe. We may have even lost all hope of looking at the world around us and seeing the good, the beautiful, the amazing and the unexplainably delightful. 

I’d like to propose that this is more because of how we choose (or default) to living each day. If we look for the negative we find it. If we look for the positive, we’ll see it. If we hunt for the wonderment we had when we here kids we’ll discover it. 
So what are you defaulting to today? Wonder and awe or despair and negativity. 
And my next big power question sequence is:

Are you happy with this?

Do you want it to change?

What you going to do about that?
And maybe the toughest when you going to start and how you going to keep yourself on track?
I’m not foolish enough to believe I can bring change to my world totally independent of help. I know, I have to make the choose and the buck stops with me, but I also know that sometimes you need to enlist a cheer squad, a coach and a water boy to keep you on the field of play. Cause as soon as you hit the bench for timeout and an breather; you going backwards. 

I don’t know about you- but my most loyal companion is God, I mean He is always there- me I can wander away, distance myself or forget to call on Him at times, not wanting to be a burden. But He is always there. And He sees it all so differently.

As it says in James- draw near to me and He’ll draw near. It not that He’s waiting for you to make the first move. Instead He is always calling to come closer, but will it grab you and demand you to. Instead He extends an invitation. So today, I encourage you accept it. Draw near to Him, let God show you the wonder that exists in Him and in the world around you. 

Until next time 

Happy Pondering xx


Or not so, as the waves of frustration have crashed on the shore of recovery. The one thing I’ve learnt, out of the hundreds of grrrr moments I’ve experienced lately- is that while you don’t necessarily get to choose the circumstances- you get to choose how you respond. So many stories I could tell. 

Ever been in a stage, season, wilderness of life where you just want it to let up. For something to go right. Me too. All to often thou I’ve become impatient with the goings on and forgotten that life is not so much about the destination but the journey (oh that word, just makes my skin crawl🤣). Because as annoying as it is, we will be traveling to the destination until the day we die. 

Life, may have many- stop and sit, camp and live here a moment moments 😉. But eventually we become restless for the next. Unfortunately, if we don’t learn to be patient and at peace in the discomfort of a transient life, we make it hard for ourselves and those who do this thing called life with us. 

Transient, I hear you ask. Yep, if your growing, your changing and if your changing you are learning new things, desiring new things and capable of new things. Growth leads to movement. Much growth lead to much movement, shift and change in attitudes, perspective and skill. This all leads to desiring change, new things, the next thing- the next stage. 

However, sometimes we have to wait for it to unfold. And that- is the place where patience must come and unfold in your thinking. Your believing and your decision making. Because even in the waiting, growth is happening. Dare, I even suggest that more growth comes in the waiting season, the apparent dormant season than any other. 

Think of an iceberg. Or a seed pushing thru the soil as it grows, we can’t see most of what’s going on beneath the surface. But that’s where the majority of growth comes. The root system pushes down, in preparation for the seed to climb up and break the soil. Da dah! It pushes thru and we celebrate the seen, not knowing or understanding the effort, growth and change that have occurred to see that moment unfold. It’s the Same with your life, precious one. God is wanting to grow something in you- firstly I believe a relationship with Him and from there where communication flows freely- purpose! Purpose for now, purpose for later, purpose that makes you believe that each day you live and breathe, your breath is vital, valuable and yep- purpose-FILLED!

Photo Cred: kevinadbulrahman.com

So I encourage you today- stay patient and connected to Him when it all seems ‘blar‘. He’s got you. He knows you and He understands. Talk to Him about it. 
Love you guys

Until next time- Happy Pondering xx

There and Back….

So not much for me to say today, I’m writing this a few days early in anticipation for not feeling like writing in a few days 😀You see I had knee surgery  yesterday and today (being the day I post my blog, not the day I’m writing it 😉) I get out of hospital. I won’t go into all the details today – maybe in a few weeks when I’ve more to report – i’ll see who I can gross out🤔

But today I wanted to acknowledge   the reason I’m here.  Yep, its this photo, of the amazing driftwood pyramid on an Inverloch beach. This is taken while I’m still figuring out if I can get up after my amazing head plant backwards into the beach. Where I heard a little something which turned out to be my ACL and Meniscus saying see-ya later, we’ve got nothing more to give you, were outta here.  In fact, my sister, threw my camera at me and said ‘while your down there, take the shot, your probably at the right angle now’ 🤣

Whilst trying to capture this photo, lead to a injury; which in the natural can only be fixed with surgery.  I was praying for a miracle, a supernatural fix, where God does what only He can.  You know – I was like ‘God, here’s your time to shine and let everyone know how great you are‘.  But here’s the thing…. He doesn’t need me to tell Him what to do or what would be the correct answer to a problem. In fact, during the 9 months-ish since this happened, He has used the process and prep for surgery to deal with some rubbish that never would have been touched on except for this process.  When I was going ‘hey, God do it this way’, He was saying “no, – girl I want to see you free from this instead”.  So here I am, in time travel mode, as I write from today forward a few days, thankful for what I might not be in a few day when I’m in pain.

So, I want to leave you with this….. God may not be doing what you think He should be doing, on your timeline, schedule or in your way; BUT He is doing something! If you’ll lean in and let Him lead you, you might discover, I’m 100% sure you will discover, it was way better than your plan and solution you had in mind.  What He is doing is good…..Just like Him.

Happy Pondering xx


i hope i am ……

eight-teen-questionsHey all, I’m sitting hear flicking through Facebook and wondering – why am I silenced by all I see. And when I say i’m silenced, I mean for a talker, there are no words to describe now I feel about what I see. There’s a constant barrage of hate, put downs, name throwing towards strangers online, some might call it trolling. There’s ridiculous small punishments for horrendous crimes, the glorification of prisoners coming home from overseas by the media and personal agenda creeping into business, corporate and political circles.  There’s the banter if you dare disagree with someone that you hate them or are intolerant. There’s the rights of ‘I’ before the responsibility of ‘I’.
And with all we see its easy and understandable why you can just shrug your shoulders and go – I don’t care, I don’t know what to do about it, can I even say what I think we should do about it? But maybe that’s part of the problem – we look at society which clearly needs change and apply a “i” mantra, when maybe the question is, what should ‘we’ be doing in response to what ‘we’ see.


Who is this we she speaks of? Well, the ‘we’ could be the people you do life with, share a house with, work with.  But -we could even draw the circle a little closer and say the ‘we’ is God and Me. What does He say about what He sees? How does His heart break for the lonely, hurting and broken.  We used to sing a song that said break my heart for what breaks yours, everything I have for your kingdoms cause...‘ .I’ve often thought, as the words have left my lips.  Do I really want to know what breaks His heart, I mean do I really what to experience the heartbreak God feels about what He sees happening in the  corners of the earth? And the answer is yes, I do want to know how He feels about it all, and with comes the free steak knives, of yes, it might hurt.  I mean, we might, be changed with compassion towards people we previously judged, or maybe we have such an indignation about the injustice we see, that we, dare ask the question of God – what do you want me to do about it?
road-sign-with-hope-and-skyThe song also utters the words, ‘everything I have for your kingdoms cause‘.  This is where the rubber hits the road.  I know that if we dare ask God, to show us His heart on the matter, that He is also going to reveal to us the action He is calling us to do in response to the matter. It could be simple, it could be small or it could be earth changing marvelous and costly. And so as I ramble my thoughts at you via my keyboard – I ask this one simple question – are you brave enough to ask God to break your heart for what breaks His, everyday and respond to it? I hope I am
Until next time, happy pondering xx

Ruth: The Unfolding


Ruth didnt go back to what was familar. She stepped out in faith and walked into the unknown. Her courage brought her to her diveine destiney. DOnt look back

Here we are again, man how fast do the week fly 🙂

As we do a hurried road trip through the book of Ruth there is so much to read, study and just lose ourselves in.  From teaching about Kinsman redeemers, to mirroring language between the chapters.  To word studies on language such as hesed, which implies mercy, loyalty and loving kindness. I’d love to dig in those topics for a few more months, but today I simply want to say, as we do life – expect the unexpected.

Profound – huh! but really, life is full of twists, turns and mysteries.  We can get caught up in the moment, easily losing sight of the fact that we don’t have to do this road-trip through time on our own.  God will gladly journey it with you, and even thought highs, lows, avalanches and sunrises come and go, He remains close, available and ready to chat.

Ruth enters this story with her life flipped on its head.  A newly widowed women, in a new country, on an adventure of faithfulness with her Mother-in-Law.   She didnt know how it would turn out, but she went anyway.  Time after time, it is noted that she is a women of worth, virtue, character, excellence , noble and any other similar word the thesaurus will throw at her 😉

In the Bible book of Ruth, we don’t see a lot of God said this, God did that, but we can see how the story is being knit together.  Much like our lives, most of us don’t have a published book written about us ‘filled with God said this‘, ‘God did that’s‘ but we have a story to tell. Even if we didnt recognize it at the time, often on reflection we see that in fact God was there. Cheering us through struggles, comforting us through heartache, celebrating in victory, and so on.   It might have been through something some said, a verse you read that meant a lot, a card of gift you where given, a bill that was paid for you. Or the way the autumn leaves made you smile and think there must be someone who created this beauty! ( you can telli’m looking out my window 🙂 )

So to revisit the top quote – ‘courage brought her into her divine destiny’.  Today, I hope your courage, is bringing you closer to your divine destiny. I read it like this the other day (apologies to the author, I cant remember his name off the top of my head)

‘ I believe that no one has the right to leave this world without having understood the purpose for his existence, and through this, changed his environment to make it a better place’ 

You’ve a purpose tailor made for you, not a cheap mass produced copy.  Your story may have, may be and may continue to be a twisting road through the back blocks of life.  But know, that you can do whatever it is, that lies within your destiny; and that God is happy and longing to road trip that journey with you.

Seeya next week :)Happy Pondering


Knowing Its Use

img_8202The other day I went jet boating for the first time, on the Dart River in New Zealand (just out of the adventure capital Queenstown). I don’t consider myself an adrenaline junky, but I was keen to see them do some tricks but also a little nervous about if I’d like it. I LOVED IT! Especially the 360’s. It’s amazing how they can seemingly fly over the riverbed, with sometimes as little as 4 inches of water beneath the boat.


When I got back, I penned a Trip Advisor review (seems I’m addicted to those badges 😉) of our trip and praised them for the perfect mix of adventure, sightseeing and Lord of the Rings talk. After this, I did a tour through the ‘terrible’ reviews the company had received on this platform. I had to chuckle as people complained about the strangest things. My favourite, that by going to fast they ruined the view (it is beautiful country) and that the 360’s where childish.

Seems I’m childish, but in our last 360- I actually jumped off my seat by about a foot and thudded down and got sprayed by a mass of water. All the time, smiling like a childish fool (I’ll wear that as a badge of honour I think), loving it and disappointed it was over.

But this review got me thinking. If we don’t know the purpose of something (eg an jet boat ride in an adventure capital is guaranteed to spin) then we set ourselves up to be disappointed, disillusioned and in disputes with the intention of a great thing.

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be doing a series ‘Armoured Up!’I hope you’ll join me for this journey. It might not have 360’s or jet boats and there certainly won’t be snow capped mountains in summer in the back ground but I hope it will be memorable- just like the little jet boat ride!

Until next week
Live life fun and make sweet memories
Happy Pondering x