Does a thought really count?

My brain has been abuzz about the notion of connection and disconnection for months. I’m still drilling into it- but here’s a small thought of the matter to chew on today.  

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So, often when we hear it’s the thought that counts! But is it the thought the counts or the action in response to the thought that counts? I mean often times we think about things, people,circumstances but if we don’t do anything about them does it really matter? Does it really count that we thought about someone, something, some situation- if the thinking was an end in itself? 🤔

I’d like to propose that the ‘though’ is the ignition switch to connection. If we don’t plug anything into it- nothing is powered. Just like when you have a phone charger and a flat battery on your phone- if you don’t plug them in together and into the electricity in the wall- you have all the elements to remain connected but you can’t because the power source is not providing power to the need.

If we have a name that is dropping into our minds time and time and time again and we don’t act – we lose the opportunity to bring power to that person, situation, circumstances because we are dis-connected.

What if instead when a name kept dropping into our minds we, text them, rang them, dropped into see them, sent them a pressie. What if we asked the question? God, why does so and so keep popping into my mind? What are you asking me to do? There’s not a stock standard answer- sometimes it’s pray, sometimes it’s go around and pray with them. Sometimes it’s text an encouraging message, or a funny meme or send them flowers or their favorite treat. And any one of a billion other things 😉

In all seasons and stations of life, we need to be connected to others; and providing connection to others. Sure, it’s not always easy, but we can be positioned to reach out and respond to the direction which God gives us in loving others at anytime. 

So my challenge to myself and you, is pop actions to those thoughts that drop into your mind this week:) 

Until next time

Happy Pondering 🙂



Excuse my slackness and my  illegible handwritten notes 😉but this weeks been a little crazy with ACL recovery highs and lows. As I flipped thru a notebook that lives next to my recliner, I discovered this thought, from earlier in 2017.

Funny how things mean so much when you read them and write them the first time and then, so much more at a later date when your reminded of that ah-huh moment.

I’m so glad that I have seen, do see and am confident that I will see again the goodness of God; evidenced in His word, the world and my world. I love that this is not just for me, but for you too. You can see and experience His goodness- and I pray you do as this next week unfolds into various adventures. 

Until next week- happy pondering x 

Laugh…. a little 

So many funny moments. I have laughed and laughed and laughed over the last week, I’ve done some of the stupidest things. But here I am two weeks in to what should be 12 months for full recovery (as in better than ever) for my ACL knee op. I’m going to tell you that the ability to laugh in the face of circumstances is truly a gift from God. 
Lots of times that we have many reasons to sit and cry about life, what’s not working and how hard it is. But I think I’ve laughed more the last two weeks that I have in the last two years – you know that real belly laugh – just some of the stuff that is happened so so funny. 
I started a hashtag #ACLTheMusical on all my knee related Facebook posts, cause I kept having these moments where my crutches reminded me of The Lion King Stage Production…. here’s a picture of what I look like 🤣

And then came singing some of the songs; and you know a musical is filled with highs/ lows/ drama/laughs/ solos/ duets/ chorus numbers and intermission and that’s exactly what life feels like at the moment. I love going to see a stage show. And whilst I don’t have a full musical score 🎼 written for life; ACL The Musical is a mainly upbeat & energetic (besides all the naps) production, playing out now to a small Melbourne based audience. 

In all seriousness, a musical always has an underlying theme, storyline, message and mine under lying theme is this- ‘God, we got this. Well I may not, but you do- God you got this!’ And me, what’s my part as supporting actress to the lead role of God? To be cool with Him taking the lead, to be enjoy being along for the ride and to not steal His lines.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t auditioned for the role of ‘Miracle this knee- surgery not required’; but I see God’s hand, timing, peace, joy and love all over the role I’ve been given in this production. If He thinks it’s the right part to play at this stage of life- we’ll I’ll give it my all; until the next role of a lifetime comes along next season.

Until next time

Laugh and smile more than usual. 

…..are you happy? 

Hey all
Another Thursday has arrived. How quick do the weeks go. This week as I’m in recovery mode, I’ve had lots of time to think. What’s been going around and around in that beautiful little brain I hear you ask, simple- the same thing I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last months.

There’s quite a back story which lead me to little moment of ‘ah huh!’, but we ain’t journeying through that decade of thought today (phew- I hear you say🙃). Rather I’ll say that the questioning eventually lead me to this- I’m not responsible for making other people happy, I’m not responsible for others making decisions which lead them to states of unhappy. I’m not even guilty of being uncaring if they ask you for advice and choose another way and end up in the valleys of unhappy. 

However what I am responsible for is asking myself the question ARE YOU HAPPY and if not, asking the follow up what are you( being me for me and you for you 😉)going to do about it.
So like most things in life there’s not a simple answer, it’s all relative to circumstances, experiences, wants, desires, beliefs etc. But here’s the challenge- if you’re not happy- you are responsible for what you do about that. Do you accept unhappiness and make others around you gloomier by your sunless perspective or do you question what’s going to create an unhappy reality and do something in response to that information. 

Please hear me here- I’m talking about happy and not joy- joy is a fruit of the Spirit and overflow from the power and love of God dwelling within your life. And no joy- no fruit is not the topic I’m hitting on. But when I think about happy- I think it’s almost an unconscious result and response to what’s going on in your life (sure they are interchangeable and even overlapping but stick with me please).

You can be joyful in difficult situations but you can’t be happy in unhappy times. You can however see what can shift in your world, to move you from unhappy to happy. But to do that you might first need to have a coffee and sit for a bit with the questions we often hate- you know the ones- that get you thinking and confronting the deep things of life. 

So boil that kettle, ask those tough questions and discover where you sit on the happy meter. Then decide what your going to do about it. 
For me- I’m going to continue to ask the question, followed by the next and sit with God about what’s on my heart to do, be and see. And that plan- it makes me happy, especially to be doing it with Him
…. better go …. a songs coming on….. a bizarre medley really 🎶
Bye 👋🏻 


Crazy… the last week has flow past and here we are again…blog time. 
So let’s just grab a few mins to chat about hope. 

All to often we can look at life and feel deflated by what we see…. drained. But hope is more than a feel good, positive thinking caption; is the expression of trust, and belief and for me- that’s based in a who not a what. My hope is found in God- I’m confident in Him.

So as we prepare for another week to fly by- actively maintain your hope. Be aware of what drains it, and counteract it with the truth and reality of God. Who He is and how He loves and adores you.

Till next week

Happy Pondering 😀

i hope i am ……

eight-teen-questionsHey all, I’m sitting hear flicking through Facebook and wondering – why am I silenced by all I see. And when I say i’m silenced, I mean for a talker, there are no words to describe now I feel about what I see. There’s a constant barrage of hate, put downs, name throwing towards strangers online, some might call it trolling. There’s ridiculous small punishments for horrendous crimes, the glorification of prisoners coming home from overseas by the media and personal agenda creeping into business, corporate and political circles.  There’s the banter if you dare disagree with someone that you hate them or are intolerant. There’s the rights of ‘I’ before the responsibility of ‘I’.
And with all we see its easy and understandable why you can just shrug your shoulders and go – I don’t care, I don’t know what to do about it, can I even say what I think we should do about it? But maybe that’s part of the problem – we look at society which clearly needs change and apply a “i” mantra, when maybe the question is, what should ‘we’ be doing in response to what ‘we’ see.


Who is this we she speaks of? Well, the ‘we’ could be the people you do life with, share a house with, work with.  But -we could even draw the circle a little closer and say the ‘we’ is God and Me. What does He say about what He sees? How does His heart break for the lonely, hurting and broken.  We used to sing a song that said break my heart for what breaks yours, everything I have for your kingdoms cause...‘ .I’ve often thought, as the words have left my lips.  Do I really want to know what breaks His heart, I mean do I really what to experience the heartbreak God feels about what He sees happening in the  corners of the earth? And the answer is yes, I do want to know how He feels about it all, and with comes the free steak knives, of yes, it might hurt.  I mean, we might, be changed with compassion towards people we previously judged, or maybe we have such an indignation about the injustice we see, that we, dare ask the question of God – what do you want me to do about it?
road-sign-with-hope-and-skyThe song also utters the words, ‘everything I have for your kingdoms cause‘.  This is where the rubber hits the road.  I know that if we dare ask God, to show us His heart on the matter, that He is also going to reveal to us the action He is calling us to do in response to the matter. It could be simple, it could be small or it could be earth changing marvelous and costly. And so as I ramble my thoughts at you via my keyboard – I ask this one simple question – are you brave enough to ask God to break your heart for what breaks His, everyday and respond to it? I hope I am
Until next time, happy pondering xx

4 L’s _ the final installment

Lets wrap this thing up 😉


Here’s my quick thought on ‘learn’.  Super basic – but somehow at times they are difficult to apply and live ….
  • Be teachable
  • Be inquisitive
  • Be a listener


  • Be prepared to be wrong
  • Don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong  – it’s such a novel things these days, people will love you for it 🙂
  • Be prepared to change your opinion, if new facts lead you in that way


If you think your the smartest person in the room, either
(a) find a new room with people who challenge you to sit in, or
(b) realise your probably not and that your ego and pride may be leading you to be unteachable (ouch!), therefore, your not gleaning anything from the people surrounding you. Your friends and loved ones may not be smart in the same areas as you, but I’m sure they know something about an area you don’t.  Again be inquisitive and let them teach you something they are genius at!
For me, the most amazing thing about learning is that you realize you can, whether it be a new areas of study, a new skill or something less spectacular.  Once you grasp this, the world opens up to you, because you see that you can  learn whatever you need to go anywhere you desire.  It might take some blood, sweat and brain hurt, but you can do all you were created to.  And that is AMaZING!
Well that’s the Live.Love.Laugh.Learn explained in our 4 L’s series.image
 Next week I’m starting to explore sacrifice.   Seeya then


4 L’s _ Part 3

Welcome back to week three of…


Heidi Baker says ‘love looks like something’, a quote which quickly became a favorite. Its  important because, if we look to the wrong source for love, we end up with a deformed version of love. If what we think is genuine love is just a mere counterfeit, we reproduce the counterfeit and it’s lacking results. This is not the life God has for us, He desires us to know His love. From here, we can love others as a genuine overflow of our hearts and relationships with God.
kindness-love-with-workbootsAnother quote that I love is that ‘kindness is love it’s on with its workboots on‘. And I guess this is why love looks like something; beyond mere lip service and sweet words. It seems kinda obvious to have this as part of the framework for life, but it’s important to not let it by without being an intentional person of love. 
Here’s some verses I love (pun intended)on the topic:
‘and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a
fragrant offering and sacrifice to God’ ( Eph 5:2 NIV).
  • ephesians_5_2-dupe-white-800x800

    1 John 3:16-18  This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. 17 If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. (NIV)

  • and lastly this passage in Ruth 1:16-17The Message (MSG), overflow of love in her world (i’m not going to elaborate today – i’ve a series coming later in ’17 on Ruth – she’s a fav of mine 🙂
16-17 But Ruth said, “Don’t force me to leave you; don’t make me go home. Where you go, I go; and where you live, I’ll live. Your people are my people, your God is my god; where you die, I’ll die, and that’s where I’ll be buried, so help me God—not even death itself is going to come between us!”
What do these verses mean to you? To me they inspire me that I have personal access thru relationship with a God who is across it all.  He loves me amazingly, and because of that, I’m able to love others, even those seemingly unlovable people who cross my path.  And that really is the challenge, be kind to those who are not, love those who are not easy too and remember that your love tank is filled to overflowing by God and time with Him and not things, and sometimes not even by people.  When everything else fades away, God is always there, no matter the time, day, season.  He is available to chat, care and comfort, He never screens a call, fails to return a message or leaves you wondering about where you stand.  And because of that, we are able to love others out of the sure standing we have in our identity which is framed in Him (Sorry, im getting passionate and feel a sermon coming on 🙂
      Until next time, Happy  Pondering 
Love Erinruth x

4 L’s _Part 2


Live, let’s tackle this good and quick😀
Why’s this important?  For a few reasons really.  Life is unknowable, we’ve all had friends and loved ones who died at an early age, or ran into some unexpected circumstance  which turned life on its head.  Life isn’t meant to be lived in fear of running out of time, nor is it to be lived with the ‘one day- i’ll do it’ syndrome.
For me – I’ve tried to ban the word ‘busy’ from my vocab.  Because even thought I can be, it leaves us feeling like we’ve accomplished nothing for the day, week, year or decade.  Instead, list all that those times have included and all of a sudden you can see purpose.  And that creates a desire to do, be and experience more.
Am I who I want to be? no, not yet.  Have we been to all the places we want to go? no, if you like me, the more I see the more I want to see. Does your life look like what you dreamed? no, not many do (sorry).  But that really is the adventure of life and the joy in living it.  Running around whining about what it isn’t, instead of embracing what it is, changing what can be, saving what needs to be, learning what could be useful is never going to equal ‘live’.  Live, for me comes from leaning into God and inviting Him into the good, bad, ugly, sad, horrible, amazing, tremendous, spectacular and mundane.
We may not know how many days we get to explore earth, but we have today – so let’s live it fabulously!
Happy Pondering x
So, this is part two of a 5 part series where I’m chatting about the 4 L’s.  I’ll be back next week to chat about ‘loooooove’.  Jump back to last weeks, if you want the introductory thought which set up this and the coming posts.

quote lover!

I love quotes… words on a page that elicit a brain and heart jolt. It can be on a myriad of topics- in fact- they usually are rangeing from leadership inspiration to travel, changing the world and keeping our thinking on track. Simply, these formed word groupings seem to bounce around, bringing inspiration, challenge, growth, and pleasant memories. Not all create the same reaction but some stay a little longer- maybe for a month, year or decades. What are you favourites, I’d love to know… but in the meantime here’s my Top 10 (for this week anyway) Enjoy!
quote-love-looks-like-something-heidi-baker-58-75-261.Heidi Baker, oh, she nailed us. Love looks like something! Argh so true, it’s easy to be deceived, but there’s actually a few things  written about it by God and if it don’t measure up- it ain’t love!


2.  Christine Caine – wow – what a powerhouse! i jumped into a podcast of her’s the other week about this, she was talking about her knee injury, surgery and recovery – but the principle applies to loads of things.


3. This has been a fav for years. Yep, He’s at work, I especially see it when I look back 🙂
all-progress-takes-place-outside-the-comfort-zone 4. Admiral Mc Craven: from a 15 minute YouTube speak this grabbed me. It just stirred something within me- a sense at even in our biggest trials, there’s more we can bring to the table.
careerlesson_explainitto6yearold5. Oh the need to be clear! This is challenging but reaps its reward in both communicating and in solidify what you already know.
3697 6. God’s got you and this challenge it might just be the making of you!
416ae50d40ce325ab628cd845881f5de7. There’s always something to be grateful for in life.


8.I love me some travel (time to plan another trip me thinks) 


9. Leadership- I could have picked any one of a 100 from my Pinterest boards but this one sings loud today 🙂


10.You’ve got something to bring to this time in history, don’t sit back, rather be the you- you are destined and created to be for this week, month, year and decade. You can be the someone that did something 


11.I know I know I said 10- but there are SO many I haven’t included, so just one more. This one challenges me in the way I conduct life both when at home and when away- whether that be overseas or down the road.
  I’d love to know what some of your favourite quotes are, feel free to leave them in the comment section
Seeya next week,
Happy Pondering xx
P.S I know some of you may be thinking she didnt include any Bible verse as her favourite quotes – nup – not today, instead  I’ll be featuring them during the year as I  write a few series on some of them  🙂