go slow…..

Ok- who stole June, July, August, September and October for that matter. Any clues?

Me neither, I cannot believe we are in December. It’s like chunks of time just disappeared this year. I had to laugh, last Saturday I had a young shop assistant explain to me that her Mum always said time gets faster and how that she’s 23 she can’t believe how fast it flies. I laugh because I used to think the same thing and now that I’m in the ‘Decade No. 4’ I think ….umm that was super slow in comparison. 

For those who’ve I’ve chatted with before, you’ll know I’ve mentioned the busy haze. We’ve all experienced it. And all to often it starts to suck the enjoyment out of life, as we find ourselves on a merry-go-round.

So, as I move into 2018, I’m trying to be more intentional about being in the moment. Slowing to enjoy and setting myself up for success in actually loving each day to the full. 

So, with that in mind I decided to start to read a chapter of a book each day- not more. Just one. (I’m already behind, just as well I’m only in practice mode 😉) and to allow it to sink in. Not rush to the next point or adventure, but sit and carefully read each word, mull and enjoy. 

In the few days I’ve managed to pull it off, I’ve noticed how relaxed I feel and that I feel I accomplished something. I’m not sure, but I recon the heart rate drops, the brain slows down and the joy factor increases. 
There’s so much to achieve in life, but why do it all at 1000miles a hour and not enjoy the process. So there’s more to add to the to-do list for loving life, but I’m trying to create time so I can remember it without needing a Facebook memory to remind me.
 After all, we where created with an amazing brain that has far greater potential for joy, connection, memory recall and enjoyment than any social media platform will ever will be able to provide. 

Until next time, happy Pondering 


Does a thought really count?

My brain has been abuzz about the notion of connection and disconnection for months. I’m still drilling into it- but here’s a small thought of the matter to chew on today.  

Photo Cred: picturequotes.com

So, often when we hear it’s the thought that counts! But is it the thought the counts or the action in response to the thought that counts? I mean often times we think about things, people,circumstances but if we don’t do anything about them does it really matter? Does it really count that we thought about someone, something, some situation- if the thinking was an end in itself? 🤔

I’d like to propose that the ‘though’ is the ignition switch to connection. If we don’t plug anything into it- nothing is powered. Just like when you have a phone charger and a flat battery on your phone- if you don’t plug them in together and into the electricity in the wall- you have all the elements to remain connected but you can’t because the power source is not providing power to the need.

If we have a name that is dropping into our minds time and time and time again and we don’t act – we lose the opportunity to bring power to that person, situation, circumstances because we are dis-connected.

What if instead when a name kept dropping into our minds we, text them, rang them, dropped into see them, sent them a pressie. What if we asked the question? God, why does so and so keep popping into my mind? What are you asking me to do? There’s not a stock standard answer- sometimes it’s pray, sometimes it’s go around and pray with them. Sometimes it’s text an encouraging message, or a funny meme or send them flowers or their favorite treat. And any one of a billion other things 😉

In all seasons and stations of life, we need to be connected to others; and providing connection to others. Sure, it’s not always easy, but we can be positioned to reach out and respond to the direction which God gives us in loving others at anytime. 

So my challenge to myself and you, is pop actions to those thoughts that drop into your mind this week:) 

Until next time

Happy Pondering 🙂


Excuse my slackness and my  illegible handwritten notes 😉but this weeks been a little crazy with ACL recovery highs and lows. As I flipped thru a notebook that lives next to my recliner, I discovered this thought, from earlier in 2017.

Funny how things mean so much when you read them and write them the first time and then, so much more at a later date when your reminded of that ah-huh moment.

I’m so glad that I have seen, do see and am confident that I will see again the goodness of God; evidenced in His word, the world and my world. I love that this is not just for me, but for you too. You can see and experience His goodness- and I pray you do as this next week unfolds into various adventures. 

Until next week- happy pondering x 

Laugh…. a little 

So many funny moments. I have laughed and laughed and laughed over the last week, I’ve done some of the stupidest things. But here I am two weeks in to what should be 12 months for full recovery (as in better than ever) for my ACL knee op. I’m going to tell you that the ability to laugh in the face of circumstances is truly a gift from God. 
Lots of times that we have many reasons to sit and cry about life, what’s not working and how hard it is. But I think I’ve laughed more the last two weeks that I have in the last two years – you know that real belly laugh – just some of the stuff that is happened so so funny. 
I started a hashtag #ACLTheMusical on all my knee related Facebook posts, cause I kept having these moments where my crutches reminded me of The Lion King Stage Production…. here’s a picture of what I look like 🤣

And then came singing some of the songs; and you know a musical is filled with highs/ lows/ drama/laughs/ solos/ duets/ chorus numbers and intermission and that’s exactly what life feels like at the moment. I love going to see a stage show. And whilst I don’t have a full musical score 🎼 written for life; ACL The Musical is a mainly upbeat & energetic (besides all the naps) production, playing out now to a small Melbourne based audience. 

In all seriousness, a musical always has an underlying theme, storyline, message and mine under lying theme is this- ‘God, we got this. Well I may not, but you do- God you got this!’ And me, what’s my part as supporting actress to the lead role of God? To be cool with Him taking the lead, to be enjoy being along for the ride and to not steal His lines.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t auditioned for the role of ‘Miracle this knee- surgery not required’; but I see God’s hand, timing, peace, joy and love all over the role I’ve been given in this production. If He thinks it’s the right part to play at this stage of life- we’ll I’ll give it my all; until the next role of a lifetime comes along next season.

Until next time

Laugh and smile more than usual. 

…..are you happy? 

Hey all
Another Thursday has arrived. How quick do the weeks go. This week as I’m in recovery mode, I’ve had lots of time to think. What’s been going around and around in that beautiful little brain I hear you ask, simple- the same thing I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last months.

There’s quite a back story which lead me to little moment of ‘ah huh!’, but we ain’t journeying through that decade of thought today (phew- I hear you say🙃). Rather I’ll say that the questioning eventually lead me to this- I’m not responsible for making other people happy, I’m not responsible for others making decisions which lead them to states of unhappy. I’m not even guilty of being uncaring if they ask you for advice and choose another way and end up in the valleys of unhappy. 

However what I am responsible for is asking myself the question ARE YOU HAPPY and if not, asking the follow up what are you( being me for me and you for you 😉)going to do about it.
So like most things in life there’s not a simple answer, it’s all relative to circumstances, experiences, wants, desires, beliefs etc. But here’s the challenge- if you’re not happy- you are responsible for what you do about that. Do you accept unhappiness and make others around you gloomier by your sunless perspective or do you question what’s going to create an unhappy reality and do something in response to that information. 

Please hear me here- I’m talking about happy and not joy- joy is a fruit of the Spirit and overflow from the power and love of God dwelling within your life. And no joy- no fruit is not the topic I’m hitting on. But when I think about happy- I think it’s almost an unconscious result and response to what’s going on in your life (sure they are interchangeable and even overlapping but stick with me please).

You can be joyful in difficult situations but you can’t be happy in unhappy times. You can however see what can shift in your world, to move you from unhappy to happy. But to do that you might first need to have a coffee and sit for a bit with the questions we often hate- you know the ones- that get you thinking and confronting the deep things of life. 

So boil that kettle, ask those tough questions and discover where you sit on the happy meter. Then decide what your going to do about it. 
For me- I’m going to continue to ask the question, followed by the next and sit with God about what’s on my heart to do, be and see. And that plan- it makes me happy, especially to be doing it with Him
…. better go …. a songs coming on….. a bizarre medley really 🎶
Bye 👋🏻 



This was actually from way back- slack slack, I know. I’ve actually written three blogs this week, but they’re for another day. But I thought I share this little thought with you, cause somehow it seems just as relevant as when I first penned it while studying in early 2014.


What’s needed to go to the next level? What tools will I need, what do I have, what needs refining? I’m back to serious study this year, not the certificate level of my last few adventures but my graduate diploma… I’m sort of missing competency pass or fail mode. I feel like it’s been a massive challenge to read and write at this academic level, and well understanding what I’m learning, that’s a whole other drama. (Ever known someone who uses complex language just to make you feel dumb? Well you should meet some of the authors I’m reading..they have caused some serious brain hurt 😉

Anyway, enough whinging,what I wanted to chat about was the excitement that underlies a time of expansion, sure theres plain tiredness and hurt but there is also this drive, a push to achieve all that is laid out before you. It’s exciting and exhausting wrapped into one and it causes us to laugh and smile at the huge workload because we know that it’s being used to grow us unto the next season of life. Did you know that you, yes you, can achieve so much more than you’ve ever given yourself credit for? You have this untapped potential! You are growing into an amazing person (at least I hope you’re growing and not moaning and poor me-ing), you have exponential potential, expansion is going to show your friends and family and maybe even you what you are made of! But, I know this for sure, God is never going to be surprised by the array of things you can achieve. You know it doesn’t matter now many times you’ve failed, quit or struggled with your lives dream, because God sees the you, the real you are under all the junk and expectation you heap upon yourself. You are valuable beyond compare.

Now, I know not all of you believe in the God, but I believe we get to have a relationship with Him, living and flowing not just talk about God like a possession. It is God who I credit for this expansion season, because in my doubt, concern and worry- He simply says ‘you’ve got it covered!’. Without Him, I’d be a mess. I’ve no idea what comes next,but I know God goes with me and therefore the unknown is an adventure awaiting me. He goes with you too. When life throws you a season of expansion, grab it with both fists, for you never know, the wonder you’ve always desired maybe just over the horizon.
Happy Pondering!

Are you mad at me?


are-you-mad-at-meIt’s ok to be sad, or even mad; it’s what we do with it that really counts. These emotions, if we learn how to investigate them, show us the story we are telling ourselves, our beliefs system.  When driving in the car this morning and chatting to God about being sick of waiting on a particular situation, I was like don’t scwhinge  ER (a word my brother use for my niece when she was whinging and squirming as a two year old).  So I was endeavouring not to scwhinge at God, but have a conversation.  It involved a ‘why’ question, huh I thought I was crossing over to scwhinge land, but then I heard Him as me this question about the situation.  Are you mad at me? To which I replied – no, I’m sad at you.

Yeah, I’m sad at God about it, not because I don’t see His hand in the circumstance, not because I don’t trust He is going to work it all out and not because I don’t trust him.  I’m sad at Him- because He can take it.  In fact, He wants to.  He wants to lift the sadness off, so I don’t have to carry it or feel it.  That’s pretty amazing really!

He’s more concerned with what’s missing in my world that’s making me sad, than being concerned about me feeling something. He’s not offended by my emotions.  Yes, He’s wanting me to handle them right. On the other hand He’s concerned with the why – the motive – the underlying belief which lead me (and you in that situation which keep crossing your mind as you read this  ) to that thought, action or voiced opinion.

So where did I leave the conversation in the car? I left it in amazement that I’m not angry but sad and that’s OK.  I left it with God having His arms outstretched to me and wanting me to draw near and be comforted.  I left it with the understanding that I know it’s not over and I know He’s working.  A John Piper quote I love, says ‘God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them’.  You know what even if He’s only doing three, I’m cool with that, cause those three will be the most important three, cause He’s is good – always!

Happy Ponderings



I have questions, statements to unfold and things drilling around in my head.   I know my personal answers, but I still think I need to consider my responses a little more and shift my actions to line up with my beliefs on some things.  I wrote this our about three weeks ago… Don’t know that I have more clarity now, just 20 minutes to share it with you.


B eliving

L oving

O beying

G loryifiying


Doing!!!  Not the struggling, earning, justifying existence type.  The overflowing from relationship type.


Am I believing? How am I believing? What does it look like? Am I rather whining and whinging?  When I believe there is action.  Action in heart, mind, soul and occasionally body.


Loving- whom I loving, how can I love, am I loving?  Do I know how to, do I consider others, am I internal about loving others?  What about myself? Do I love myself? Why? What’s my perspective and concept of this?


Next, no really – we hate the word almost for than the action.

Why not ponder this yourself, before you read on…


Glorifying, does my life glorify God.  Do I intentionally and consistently glorify God?  What is glorifying God?


More questions than answers.  My last question is – do I as a Christian act like I believe in God and the Bible in the tough times, or only the good times.  If I only believe in the good times, am I really believing?  I seem to get more reflecting towards the end of the year – weird as I can be pretty reflective anyway.  I guess what drives it is not wanting next year to look like this one, sure it had great days and tough trials, but when I get to the end of next year I want to be able to say I’m different and for the better.  These thoughts and questions are just some of what rushes through my life in moving towards the ‘next thing’.



Happy Ponderings!


ImageJust a little thought I noted down the other night…..

 23/10/2013 @ 2310

You become what you behold.  No matter how difficult it is, try and find a perspective of hope amongst the jungle of despair.  For as you cast your eyes on HOPE, it will bring light to the darkness.  Darkness cannot stifle light, but light, no matter how small will always dispel darkness.

My prayer and hope for you today, is that no matter where you find yourself, is that God will help you see a glimpse of hope in your life to focus on.  May darkness in your life be dispelled today xx

Stretched, Pulled….

rubberbandStretched… there is no other word to describe it at the moment.  I feel like I’m being stretched in capacity, heart, knowledge, trust, understanding and confidence.  In every area and level of my life I feel this pull.  I feel like a Lucca Band being pulled on, it’s a strong thick band so I won’t break, but its proving to have a lot more give in it than I ever imagined.

Over the last three weeks I have felt the challenge to share not more of my knowledge, but more of my story and heart.  This is not comfort zone stuff for me… in fact I want to run and hid because at the very core I feel like Julia Roberts in Noting Hill when she stands in front of Hugh Grant’s character and says ‘I’m just a girl, standing in front of a guy, asking him to love me’ but for me I’m a girl standing in the world saying please accept me. And do you know what I’m discovering.  Its wasted energy.  For years I have wasted energy by stressing and worrying and over thinking and for what? To be accepted into a society which causes me to actually deny who I am at the core.  Have you ever felt like you’ve had to tone back who you are to be welcomed in and then felt like a fraud?

What’s really funny about this blog is that I started to write in back in August (on the 26th according to the computer) and today (October 18th) a few months later it seems so much more relevant.  Ever gone through a season of life where everything seems to be shaken.  Me too!

In fact I’ve felt like my life has been turned upside down and inside out in the last few weeks, not always in a good way.  But somehow, it’s all working together for good.  I’m not sure how, but I just believe it does.  I’m a big believer in that if you let God into your life, into the greatest disappointments, hurts and confusion.  That He will somehow bring a peace to the storm and a comfort to the hurt.  From here you are on the journey to wholeness and even the ability to share your story.

You may never feel that your story is good or should have happened (that’s Ok – I agree that loads of things happen to people that NEVER should have), but maybe you sharing your story stops someone else walking through the same hurt, disappointment and confusion.  Or maybe it encourages them that they too can survive.  Maybe your story inspires someone else to not give up, but push through to personal victory. And I think we can all agree that this is good.

So instead of standing in front of the ‘world’ begging them to love you; being pulled into an acceptance driven culture which devalues you. How about getting gutsy! Tell your stories and seeing what good could come from them.  Be the ‘you’, you are when your home alone, the ‘you’ you were born to be… share that person.  The one thing I know it’s that as you share the ‘real’ you, you’ll become happier.  And happy people are always nicer to be around than the miserable ones (insert growlie voice here)

You know me, I’m now singing ‘Oh, happy day….’ (well, in my brain I am 🙂 . More pondering awaits, so until next time… Live courageous!