…..are you happy? 

Hey all
Another Thursday has arrived. How quick do the weeks go. This week as I’m in recovery mode, I’ve had lots of time to think. What’s been going around and around in that beautiful little brain I hear you ask, simple- the same thing I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last months.

There’s quite a back story which lead me to little moment of ‘ah huh!’, but we ain’t journeying through that decade of thought today (phew- I hear you say🙃). Rather I’ll say that the questioning eventually lead me to this- I’m not responsible for making other people happy, I’m not responsible for others making decisions which lead them to states of unhappy. I’m not even guilty of being uncaring if they ask you for advice and choose another way and end up in the valleys of unhappy. 

However what I am responsible for is asking myself the question ARE YOU HAPPY and if not, asking the follow up what are you( being me for me and you for you 😉)going to do about it.
So like most things in life there’s not a simple answer, it’s all relative to circumstances, experiences, wants, desires, beliefs etc. But here’s the challenge- if you’re not happy- you are responsible for what you do about that. Do you accept unhappiness and make others around you gloomier by your sunless perspective or do you question what’s going to create an unhappy reality and do something in response to that information. 

Please hear me here- I’m talking about happy and not joy- joy is a fruit of the Spirit and overflow from the power and love of God dwelling within your life. And no joy- no fruit is not the topic I’m hitting on. But when I think about happy- I think it’s almost an unconscious result and response to what’s going on in your life (sure they are interchangeable and even overlapping but stick with me please).

You can be joyful in difficult situations but you can’t be happy in unhappy times. You can however see what can shift in your world, to move you from unhappy to happy. But to do that you might first need to have a coffee and sit for a bit with the questions we often hate- you know the ones- that get you thinking and confronting the deep things of life. 

So boil that kettle, ask those tough questions and discover where you sit on the happy meter. Then decide what your going to do about it. 
For me- I’m going to continue to ask the question, followed by the next and sit with God about what’s on my heart to do, be and see. And that plan- it makes me happy, especially to be doing it with Him
…. better go …. a songs coming on….. a bizarre medley really 🎶
Bye 👋🏻 




This was actually from way back- slack slack, I know. I’ve actually written three blogs this week, but they’re for another day. But I thought I share this little thought with you, cause somehow it seems just as relevant as when I first penned it while studying in early 2014.


What’s needed to go to the next level? What tools will I need, what do I have, what needs refining? I’m back to serious study this year, not the certificate level of my last few adventures but my graduate diploma… I’m sort of missing competency pass or fail mode. I feel like it’s been a massive challenge to read and write at this academic level, and well understanding what I’m learning, that’s a whole other drama. (Ever known someone who uses complex language just to make you feel dumb? Well you should meet some of the authors I’m reading..they have caused some serious brain hurt 😉

Anyway, enough whinging,what I wanted to chat about was the excitement that underlies a time of expansion, sure theres plain tiredness and hurt but there is also this drive, a push to achieve all that is laid out before you. It’s exciting and exhausting wrapped into one and it causes us to laugh and smile at the huge workload because we know that it’s being used to grow us unto the next season of life. Did you know that you, yes you, can achieve so much more than you’ve ever given yourself credit for? You have this untapped potential! You are growing into an amazing person (at least I hope you’re growing and not moaning and poor me-ing), you have exponential potential, expansion is going to show your friends and family and maybe even you what you are made of! But, I know this for sure, God is never going to be surprised by the array of things you can achieve. You know it doesn’t matter now many times you’ve failed, quit or struggled with your lives dream, because God sees the you, the real you are under all the junk and expectation you heap upon yourself. You are valuable beyond compare.

Now, I know not all of you believe in the God, but I believe we get to have a relationship with Him, living and flowing not just talk about God like a possession. It is God who I credit for this expansion season, because in my doubt, concern and worry- He simply says ‘you’ve got it covered!’. Without Him, I’d be a mess. I’ve no idea what comes next,but I know God goes with me and therefore the unknown is an adventure awaiting me. He goes with you too. When life throws you a season of expansion, grab it with both fists, for you never know, the wonder you’ve always desired maybe just over the horizon.
Happy Pondering!

Are you mad at me?


are-you-mad-at-meIt’s ok to be sad, or even mad; it’s what we do with it that really counts. These emotions, if we learn how to investigate them, show us the story we are telling ourselves, our beliefs system.  When driving in the car this morning and chatting to God about being sick of waiting on a particular situation, I was like don’t scwhinge  ER (a word my brother use for my niece when she was whinging and squirming as a two year old).  So I was endeavouring not to scwhinge at God, but have a conversation.  It involved a ‘why’ question, huh I thought I was crossing over to scwhinge land, but then I heard Him as me this question about the situation.  Are you mad at me? To which I replied – no, I’m sad at you.

Yeah, I’m sad at God about it, not because I don’t see His hand in the circumstance, not because I don’t trust He is going to work it all out and not because I don’t trust him.  I’m sad at Him- because He can take it.  In fact, He wants to.  He wants to lift the sadness off, so I don’t have to carry it or feel it.  That’s pretty amazing really!

He’s more concerned with what’s missing in my world that’s making me sad, than being concerned about me feeling something. He’s not offended by my emotions.  Yes, He’s wanting me to handle them right. On the other hand He’s concerned with the why – the motive – the underlying belief which lead me (and you in that situation which keep crossing your mind as you read this  ) to that thought, action or voiced opinion.

So where did I leave the conversation in the car? I left it in amazement that I’m not angry but sad and that’s OK.  I left it with God having His arms outstretched to me and wanting me to draw near and be comforted.  I left it with the understanding that I know it’s not over and I know He’s working.  A John Piper quote I love, says ‘God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them’.  You know what even if He’s only doing three, I’m cool with that, cause those three will be the most important three, cause He’s is good – always!

Happy Ponderings



Life is on fast forward, or is that just me? It seems that days come and go, hours are stolen and before you’ve had a change to realize it; the year is over half done.  And again you’re left pondering the question – does my life look like I thought it would?  I know for me it’s a resounding ‘no’ in many ways, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In some ways the journey had not included things I’m sure it would have, but in other ways I’ve had opportunities I never dreamt I would.  So this leaves me wondering am I asking the wrong question. I believe I am, but what is the question I should instead be asking.

Well I’m not sure, but lets try this one….

I think the question we could be asking ourselves is ‘are you joyful in life?’  I mean, there are always going to be times that are sad, difficult or miserable, but if there is NEVER a glimmer of joy, I’m the type of person who throws my hands in the air and goes ‘why bother!’  In fact that is a question I’ve asked myself on numerous occasions.  I’m not really satisfied with never having anything to laugh, sing or smile about.  I’ve had season in life where the prevailing outworking on my thoughts have been glares, snares, tears and frown.  And I HATE IT! I really do, and then I have to pull myself back together, pick myself up out of the mud and get a little bit of perspective on the matter.  This is what I learnt.  Life can be miserable, but I don’t have to be.  Life can be full of pain, but I don’t have to be miserable about it.  I clearly remember the day when I decided I can be in pain (this was early in the recovery process from a workplace back injury) and miserable or in pain and joyful – I choose JOY!  It was tough to begin with, I still have days where it’s difficult to choice to be OK, when life presents challenge and then more challenges.

When choosing joy, there was this added bonus of peace… It was like a buy one get one free deal, or a set of free steak knives.

Even with the questions that remain unanswered at present, I’ve discovered there can be a peace in amougst the uncertainty.  I don’t know how to explain it – all I know is that His name is Jesus and somehow – He makes it all OK, even when I have every reason to believe its not.